So, if you paided attention, I said I wan gonna work on picture of my friends OCs (well really, it's a series with them...just wait and see :3). So, I've sat down and come up with T3H MAST3R LIST! (lol...that would sound funny in IPA...choir humor) of people that I'm going to draw! And here it 'tis! :D

(alphabatized for the lulz)

~ Aranane (icefoxchan)
~ Ash (MashMadness)
~ Bi (strawberry Uriko)
~ Chii (Bluesen12)
~ Gigi (ferdelance618)
~ Lucy (DetctveDiva18)
~ Lyn (belletoile)
~ Micah (VivaLaParadise)
~ Naomi (harvestmoonluvr)
~ Noah (UnknownRumors)
~ Rei (FUNimation)
~ Riiya (aragorn1014)
~ Sachi (AnimeGal816)
~ Summer (khismylife)
~ Takari (KeybladeMewKasa)

If I forgot you (well, first off, I'M SORRRRRRYYYYYYY!!!!!) or if you want the OC that I draw changed, just let me know. Also, if you're just not on the list in general, let me know! I would be happy to add you! :3 (even if I don't know you...this is just a way for me to reconnect with people and work on my drawings at the same time). Although, if you want to be added, pleas supply me with a ref picture or a detailed description, thanks :3

So, you are now all a part of this series, but I bet you're wondering what it is...well...you wouln't know until I post the first picture! >:D
I CAN tell you that it starts with the words "Everyone Is"...but that's all you'll get out of me >:3

This is a not very point filled post, it's mostly so I can have a list and then all my friends on the list can threaten me to finish the series. Honestly, if I fall off of this, attack me to continue, because I want to finish something for once!

Oh yeah, and to all my friends who wished me well on my solos or sent snow my way, thank you! They are predicting that we may get up to like 10 inches of snow here~<3
And solos went well, in all honesty, it's truly between me and my friend Britt, she sounded so great! Now we just have to wait and see... *nerves building*

M'kay that's it for now peeps! Don't expect to hear from me alot...I have massive amounts of reading to do for this week, and no time in which to do them...uggggghhh... -_-