Hiya Guys! Welcome to Ryuchu's Random Rants (a.k.a. RRR). This is a place where quite literally I'll rant about anything I feel need ranting about. My life, anime, video games, books...etc.

Since this will be full of all my personal opinions, It'll most likely contain spoilers at one time or another, so I guess if there are spoilers...I'll put a warning in the title of the post! (I really wouldn't want to black out a whole post with that black line thingy...that would be weird) ^-^

So Aywho (I LOVE THAT WORD!), enjoy your time here at RRR and welcome yourself to the secret workings of an insane person!

Anime I'm Currently Watching...
Aishiteruze Baby

Anime's I've Watched (If you happen to be curious :D)
Scrapped Princess, Ballad of a Shinigami, AIR, D. Gray-Man, Winter Garden, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, Ginban Kaleidoscope, H20 Footprints in the Sand, Seto no Hanayome, Lamune, Kino's Journey, Solty Rei, Kiddy Grade, Melody of Oblivion, Trigun, Elfen Leid, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai, Akikan, Myself;Yourself, I My Me! Strawberry Eggs, Final Approach, Clannad, Chrono Crusade, Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok, Rave Master, Cyborg 009, Angelic Layer, Scryed, Bus Gamer, Paranoia Agent, Please Teacher!, Kanon, Please Twins!, Eden's Bowy, Final Fantasy Unlimited, Shrine of the Morning Mist, Romeo x Juliet, Rumbling Hearts, Angel Heart, Chaos;Head, CANAAN, REC, Bokurano, Sola, Utawarerumono, Speed Grapher, School Days, Bottle Fairy, Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, La Corda D'Oro, Amatsuki

"I looked at my right hand, the hand with which I painted. There was power in that hand. Power to create and destroy. Power to bring pleasure and pain. Power to amuse and to horrify. There was in that hand the demonic and the divine. The demonic and the divine were two aspects of the same force. Creation was demonic and divine. Creativity was demonic and divine. Art was demonic and divine." --Chaim Potoko, "My Name is Asher Lev"

End of a Good Week :)

Hey there guys! It's been awhile.
And it's been awhile since I could say that I've had a really good week, but this is one of those weeks. Although most people don't really care to hear about my good week, I'm gonna tell you 'cause when I'm happy I like to share it with my friends! ^^

Now le's see what good happened...
~ I got paid over $400 (200 from babysitting and 200 from swim lessons)
~ I ordered manga off-line for the first time (What?! I just have this apprehension about ordering things off-line >_>). They all came in good and now I have completed my Pita Ten collection which has stood unfinished for like the past 2 years.
~ I preordered Persona 3 Portable. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS GAAAAME!~~~~
~ The kids in swim lessons are all very tolerable and I might even say I like some of them
~ I actually motivated myself to play Xenosaga after I've had it since it's came out and never beat it. I'm almost to the end of the game! :)
~ I drew something that I like how it came out. Now just have to work on the coloring...I can't color guns...
~ I won a Free! copy of Narcissu the 2nd, along with a mini novel and fan book for the same game. Only 2 people won, and I was one of them. That made me sooo happy~
~ Me and my family went to The Melting Pot for my graduation celebration dinner. It twas quite yummy~
~ Britt and I (accidently) created a new character named Goji
~ I got to talk to Sujay on chat ^^
~ I found out my rooming assignment for college and got in touch with my roommate

...I think that's it. ^^
Yup, lots of good things went down this week and I'm hoping that that continues all through my summer. Also this week, I discovered that I should NEVER shop when I'm in a good mood. I end up impulse buying ALOT! ^-^;

Oh, and sorry you guys have to put up with all this useless info about my life. :3

Welp, that's it for this update...oh and also...

~Ryu (Elk)



The ceremony itself was hot and miserable. I did not enjoy sitting out in the sun for like 2 hours in a heavy graduation robe. It WAS fun to throw my cap and all that stuff and now, I'm going to burn and then it will turn into a tan. Nice! :)

I'm so glad to get school done and out of the way, and I am really excited to go on to college. I think that college will be alot of fun (even though I'm a little scared :/ I think I'm gonna draw a graduation picture for the heck of it! :D

Also, I've recently been addicted to Trauma Team and Atelier Annie. They both be great games! :3 (WOO FOR RANDOM TANGENTS!!!)

So now, that means summer is upon me and I have two main (drawing) goals this summer!

1!) Finish my friend's OC drawing set thingy!
2!) Draw a picture from every anime I've watched (I'm gonna kill myself with that one XD)

Welp, that's all I gots to say...
What's happenin with everyone else? :D

The Newly Graduated! Ryuchu!

I Have Dead Cat Fur on Me

We started disecting our kitty cats today! :3
I have named her Pistachio and she has been cooperative so far, although we haven't done much yet, we just skinned them.
It's creepy and yet interesting at the same time. I think it'll be fun when we cut them open and look at their insides. But yup, if you be a cat lover, don't take anatomy at my school, you would cry. :D

Juniors are testing and so seniors get to be lazy bums and spend the days at home. Hopefully I'll have time to actually post some of the random stuff I've been drawing.

...and I have nothing else to say...Oh! I'm gonna do that meme that everyone else has been doing, 'cause Ryu be born in the year of the sheep, baaaaaa~

.Eye color: Blue-ish Green-ish
.Hair color: Bloooooonde
.Height: 5' 2"
.Favorite color: None really
.Screen Name: Ryuchu (mostly everywhere), BleakDaydream (a few places)
.Favorite show: Forensic Files and da news (I don't watch TV that much)
.Your Car: A jeepie :3
.Your Hometown: Aurora, Illinois, before it went all gehto on me
.Your Present Town: Plainfield, Illinois, not that far from my hometown
.Your First Crush's Name: NOANSWERFORYOU!
.Your Grade: 12, class of 2010, WUT WUT!!

.Sat on your rooftop?: Noppers
.Kissed someone in the rain?: No
.Danced in a public place?: Yes, because I had to for school. TINIKLING IS FUN!!!! IT LIKE LEGAL, THEY TEACH YOU IN SCHOOL, POLE DANCING!!! (not really)
.Smiled for no reason?: To people just passing by, yes. In my head it always makes sense to me XD
.Laughed so hard you cried?: Oh yeah, all the time ("And that is why we only have 7 days in a week, not 8") XD
.Peed you pants after age 8?: Nope
.Written a song?: I've written non-sensical melodies :D
.Sang to someone for no reason?: Yeah, that's what you would call my life
.Performed on a stage?: Yup, I was in a play just this weekend. I love acting. It's so much fun ^^
.Talked to someone you don't know?: Uhm, yeah. That's how you manage to meet people, by talking to them
.Gone out of your way to befriend someone?: I'm not sure...
.Made out in a theater?: No, and never plan to. If I'm paying good money to see a movie, I wanna see it!
.Been in love?: Not really sure


.Say Hi to you?: Veronica, I believe
.Tell you, I love you?: Mom
.Kiss you?: Mom
.Hug you?: Dad
.Tell you bye?: My brother, before I went out to dinner
.Write you a note?: Uh...Britt? Like...in 8th grade I believe
.Take your photo?: My mom for Senior Choir Picture Thing
.Buy you somehting?: Parents bought me dinner not that long ago :3
.Write a poem about you?: No one ever has (They probly can't find enough nice things to say about me in a poem XD)
.Touch you?: Brother


.Time you cried?: Uh...Saturday night before we performed in the One Act
.Time you laughed?: A Bella Voce
.Song you've sang?: Vus Vet Zayn (We be Wicked Yiddish, Yo!)
.Time you looked at the clock?: When I was waiting for it to go from 2:30 to 2:31 so school would be over
.Drink you've had?: Cream Soda from Limestone Brewery
.Book you've read?: Seeing Redd (although last play was A Street Car Named Desire...STELLLAAAAAAAA!)
.Food you've eaten?: Fish and chiiiiips, yummy! :>
.Shoes you've worn?: My sad little falling apart green flats
.Store you've been in?: Staples, my mom made me go buy her file folders
.Thing you've said?: "flats..." ...I was trying to remember how to spell it. That and I speak what I'm typing all the time


.Write with both hands?: Technically, but can you READ what I write with my left hand is the better question
.Whistle?: Yup yup
.Roll your tounge in a circle?: Yes I can
.Cross your eyes? Yup, and I do it quite frequently XD
.Touch your tounge to your nose?: Yup, I'm like a cow, moooo
.Dance?: FFFFTTTT...no
.Stay up a whole night without sleep?: Yeah, but don't cross me the next day
.Speak a different language?: Bits and pieces of German
.Impersonate someone?: Mostly video game characters or Pokemon, but yeah
.Make a card pyramid?:No, although I like to make houses out of Jenga block (not that that has to do with anything, this question just made me think of it)
.Cook anything?: Yuup, I actually like cooking quite a bit :3


If I were...More social i'd be...talking to people more an probly be doing worse in school :3
I wish...for alot of things that will never happen
So many people don't know that...I have extreme self-confidence issues and I am always putting myself down in my head and believe that I'll never amount to anything (wooow depressing :<)
I am...of the female variety
My heart is...TOO COMPLICATED (structurally speaking) FOR IT'S OWN GOOD!!!!!!!

I be done now!
Bye guys! :D


My Computer is Back From the Doctor!!!


If you haven't noticed, I've been pretty dead to the world for like the past week, but that's because my computer has had a really nasty virus and we had to take it to Geek Squad to get it fixed. So now, it be all better and hopefully it stays that way :3

On an unrelated note, remember when I said I would draw a bunch of my friends OCs? Well, I got started on it! I have about 4 done, but time has quickly dissapeared (I can't wait till juniors have testing days and seniors have ditch days! :D). Once I get through my play that I'm currently involved in (which opens on Friday next week! Eep!) I shall return to my drawings and hopefully have them done soon!

So has anything interesting happened in my absence? GIVE ME THE INFO HOME SLICE!!!!!

~ She that just had a random burst of HYPER energy!

*Giggle* Watch dis' PLZ! :D

This makes me giggle~
Don't worry, you can watch it even if you don't like/know anything about Higurashi. Tell me what you think :3