Nothing good happens at this time.

I'm freaking out. A few days ago my dad said he saw a huge rat in the garage. Just ugh guys. So ugh. Rats/mice are the worse. Anyway now I think I hear them scuttling around in like the ceiling or vent or I don't know. And I don't know if it's really rats or
Me being paranoid but Everytime it makes me cringe and I can't stand it. I just want to bawl. Ugh I don't want to get the plague guys. I don't want a rat crawling around on me while Im sleeping or my dog killing a rat and leaving it in the same room (or on the bed!!). Basically loads of fear which makes sleeping difficult.

Rats are gross. Sobsob.

Guess what this is about!

That's right! Supernatural!

I got problems man

Ugh Ilike to look at the son tag on tumblr but then I start getting all weird and wanting to talk to people. But sometimes people say really cool things, and other times not so cool. But whatever.

I read a pretty legit fanfic that had time travel and was an AR season 5. It was pretty good. But I'm the kind of person who gets a kick out of trying to figure out old languages. I read another that was like AR season 3+ and it was perfect if only because they let Jack Montgomery live.

I wanna watch season 7 again. I think I hold an unpopular opinion because I really really like season 6&7. I just... They're so cool man. Even if they don't have a lot of Cas. That's okay because the episodes are awesome. And season7 characters are my favourite. Season seven for me is like a better season one. It's all the fun and shenanigans of season one with some Cas and lighting.

Guys I got a lot of Supernatural feels. It's my favourite show. I don't know how this happened.

Everything is Supernatural.

I watched a movie yesterday and I spent the majority of the time mentally repeating "that's the Ghostfacer guy, that's Harry." and then his name was Ed. And I died. Everything is Supernatural. I love that show too much.


My brother took back his tablet so now I've nOthing to draw digital with (Unless I want to try my hand with the trackpad... I don't). So no drawings from me for a while. And I want to draw so bad. I want to draw stuff for ZoomZoom, and fanarts for so many things (mostly John Carter/Barsoom stuff. Guise watch the movie and read the books they are fantastic), and ugh I've got a couple of new OCs I want to draw and ffff I prefer drawing digitally. Because its easier to colour. However I bought a sketch journal thing and I plan to use it for ZoomZoom.

Ugh I wanna rework it a bit. In my mind the world for it keeps building and building but working on the story is difficult. I wanna retitle it too. ZoomZoom is a stupid working title anyway. Suggestions?

So yeah not going be drawing for a while. I have a couple of doodles I did a while back that I was planning on uploading all at once, but I dunno. I need to get on my computer and stop usin my phone for Internet. It makes commenting hard and Wutnot.

Just when I thought my life couldn't be any worse...

I trap myself in a bathroom. Because of a moth.

Mothra (as I taken to calling it) invaded my home only a few days ago. Pure first encounter involved a lot of me spazzing out and yelling at my dog to knock over the lamp and destroy the foul beast. Sadly my dog is a moron, and understands only the most simple of commands. So I was trapped for a brief period of time, wondering how I could ever escape, and mental hitting myself in the face for foolishly leaving my phone in the living room (something I took care not to do this time). Thankfully Mothra made a mistake and dived bomb into the lamp, providing me with ample time to run like a scardey baby until I was on the other side of the living room. Shaken a made frantic txt to my bro. And thus ended our first, and what I foolishly thought to be our last, encounter.

I didn't see it after that. A thought I once glanced its shilloette in the lamp shade, and thought it had died.

I awoken this morning to the most unsatisfying news. There in the space where wall meets ceiling, above the stairs, laid the one and only beheMOTH, Mothra. However there was also a spider that I spent most of the morning fretting about. Mothra seemed content to remain in that measely space of wall/ceiling. And I was content it wasn't attacking me. I even began to assure myself that Mothra was one of my few friends, and held little imginary conversations with. All was well, or so I thought.

I had convinced myself to stay up and play video games, and as such was awake for the wrath of Mothra. For Mothra is not my friend, but my disgusting insect nemesis, out for (what I can only assume is my) blood. Taking a peak at Mothra to ensure our "leave each other alone status" I noticed something alarming. Mothra was on the move. Which fine, okay Mothra had moved around a little bit during the day, and that was fine. But this time was different. Mothra was enraged. Instead of a little bit of crawling, Mothra moved like a madman, and worse... Started to fly. I was terrified. But, no it seemed fine. Mothra was staying- no Mothra over the stairs get away from me!! This awkward dance of terrorism and fear lasted until a made a break away from my base of the couch. Pulling off moves even Snake would be jealous of I moved into the bathroom. Distraught I consider txting for emotional moral support, only to realize everyone I know is probably asleep. Being the considerate person I am, I knew better than to call them. And this is where you join in.

So here I am, hundled in the bathroom. Uncertain when Mothra's reign of terror will be over. Unable to stop the tyrant in it's tracks. I hope by dawn Mothra will have returned to a state of calm and I will be able to rejoin my game and Dave and go to bed this was a mistake.