First Meeting- Zaphea

I am Zaphea, first year class A. The day I opened the doors to the third music room was the day my life changed, but I'm still not sure if it was for better or for worse. I have long black hair and sea green eyes. Anyway, here's my story.

"Welcome" said a second year boy, holding out his hand to me, "I am Tamaki, second year, class A." He had strawberry blonde hair and shining blue eyes. "This is Honey," he said, pointing to a boy that looked to be in kindergarden, but I knew for a fact he was a third year, "This is Mori," Mori was tall and quiet, "This is Hikaru and Kaoru," he pointed to two twins with brown hair, who waved at the same time, "This is Haruhi" the guy looked like a girl to me, personally, with her, I mean his, big brown eyes and her short brown hair. "and this is Kyouya." He motioned to a second year, who had black hair and glassed to hide his dark eyes, tapping away on his computer, who looked up at me once, then again, raising an eyebrow, but eventually went back to typing. "Don't mind him much, but who would you like to meet first," he walked up to me and held out a white rose, "my little princess."

"Is that what you call every girl?" I retorted, "Oh well, I guess I'll try... Kyouya." Slowly Kyouya close his laptop and looked up at me, half smirking, half smiling.

"Welcome," he said.

"Hello," I said, returning the half smirk half smile.

"Your and interesting one..." he said quietly.

"I enjoy being different," and then our first date began...