LightFykki's Leon character info!

Name - Leon

Nickname - N/A

Species - Human

Age - 17

Appearance - Has a strong look and face, medium height, a lean and white teeth, small and light blue eyebrows.

Hair Color/Style/Length - Medium length hair that is always in some style, blue/gold hair.

Eye color - blue eyes

Personality - Sometimes anti-social, but actually not a bad person. Can sometimes cause pain to other people and he never apologize. Always has fails in his life and always tries new things. Very loyal to his friends, but cruel to his enemies.

Casual attire - A brown lather jacket, black jeans, a white scarf and black standard shoes. Sport brown gloves and a white t-shirt.

Background Info - Had a very hard life at the beginning. His father was actually a military officer before he was kicked off the army because of his drinking. He tries many jobs, always on the move so that he can pay off his father debts. Always alone and himself person, has very few friends.

Additional Info - Is very easy on everything and easily to manipulate with everything just that he gets off his hard life. The demon side has found their interest with him...