LightFykki's Floria character info!

Name - Floria

Nickname - N/A

Species - Human

Age - 15

Appearance - Short with cute look on her face, small nose and big glowing eyes, fair skinned.

Hair Color/Style/Length - Curly, light brown, long hair that goes by both sides of her head.

Eye color - Hazel

Personality - A cute and cheerful girl, always ready to go and help everyone and is not bothered by anyone. Sees light in everything, but always has a feeling that something disturbs her.

Casual attire - Small boats, always a nice skirt and a colorful shirt. Always has a ribbon and sometimes even a scarf.

Background Info - Always had a happy and cheerful life. But from time to time she began thinking that maybe that is actually all an illusion and that there is no happiness in that. One day she discovers and sees someone that will change her life.

Additional Info - Always tries to find something to help someone. Likes to wear cute clothes and to take those compliments, even if she never understood that. She hopes that she will find someone and something that will help her to uncover the truth about herself. And some bright creatures have actually come...