LightFykki's Devion character info!

Name - Devion

Nickname - Punisher

Species - demon

Age - 16

Appearance - Long body as well as long face, always seems tired and has half opened eyes, quite strong and muscular arms, full lips with sign of a small scar, has different color between his eyes.

Hair Color/Style/Length - A very short brown hair, that is always backed and high.

Eye color - Blue and red.

Personality - Cunning and shy, can really fast change personality from a calm and shy boy to angry and eager one, loyal and always neutral around his fellow demons.

Casual attire - Long white torn clothes that look a little angelic, a one torn glove and a black metal belt.

Background Info - Came in hell because of his aggressive nature and many deaths that he has caused. Because of that he always is sad and always tries to look as much as a angel as he can, even if that means stealing ones clothes. Got his nickname when he first came in hell because of all the dirty work that he does for his fellow friend, Merlox.

Additional Info - He hates every demon, maybe even more that angels. He only wants that to find that he always looks for. Never had a girlfriend and don't know what that even is. Was always filled with anger, though he always tries to release it. He hopes that he will achieve everything by following his fellow demon Merlox.