LightFykki's Merlox character info!

Name - Merlox

Nickname - N/A

Species - Demon

Age - 17

Appearance - Short but with cunning look, has darker lips and sharp ears, his body has many scars, a strong and though body

Hair Color/Style/Length - short messy, dark black hair with red strings

Eye color - red cunning eyes

Personality - Always on the move and always eager. Likes to think of himself as the leader of his clan. Rarely shows mercy and always shows his ironic, humorous fake side.

Casual Attire - A dark worn out uniform, who is almost at pieces by much what it has gone through, gold with red stones earrings, black worn out gloves and long classic shoes.

Background Info - Has always hated everyone around himself. Even if he always hears to his orders he actually has something other planned and ready to take that by any means. His death was a cruel one, during a terrible war. He resists for his sins to every treachery that he has done during those years

Additional Info - He never liked anyone, except his fellow demons. He even hates them sometimes and won't hesitate to punish them if he is in position.