LightFykki's Erlos character info!

Name - Erlos

Nickname - Star

Species - Angel

Age - 20

Appearance - Medium size, really bright unnatural skin, small but sharp eyes, slim body, sharp and long ears.

Hair Color/Style/Length - back pulled hair, white color, goes behind his ears and all to his back.

Eye color - Gold eyes

Personality - A calm person and one of the oldest of his group. Has a dark history that doesn't want to share with anyone, as well as with everything else. He is always smiling a little and he is always happy.

Casual Attire - A long white coat and gloves, white dress jeans and a lot of ceremonial jewelry along with insignias.

Background Info - Been already in many missions and has a lot of experience with it. Even though he is a only a little older than the other fellow comrades, he still has a big wisdom and a lot of his hidden past.

Additional Info - He always jokes with his comrades and always helps them out. He has a small bright smile, which is very remarkable and known among all angels. He got his nickname by his shining look and his big kindness.