LightFykki's Valor character info!

Name - Valor

Nickname - One-winged angel

Species - Angel

Age - 17

Appearance - Fair skin, strong body, sharp eyes, small nose, a long face with strong chin

Hair Color/Style/Length - A long, black/gray hair that goes past to his shoulders.

Eye color - gray/white eyes

Personality - Very backed person, who is always to himself. His pride and honor means everything to him and he will do everything to please his superiors.

Casual Attire - A long bagged black jeans, military boots, usually without the shirt or with white undershirt.

Background Info - He can't remember what he was before. He just remembers his arrival hard work to come in elite team of the angels. Even if he always listens to his superiors, his true main goal is to find his lost memories.

Additional Info - He will do everything to achieve his goals and will always protect weaker, even if that means bringing himself in danger. He gained his nickname by always showing just one wing, instead of two. No one knows why...