Hulaberry's Hime character info!

Name - Hime

Nickname - N/A

Species - Human

Age - 14

Appearance - Very short, fair skin, large eyes and soft features, thin

Hair Color/Style/Length - About waist-length pink hair done in two buns on the side of her heads, with a white lace ribbon wrapped around each that trails down to her elbows

Eye Color - Bright blue

Personality - Sadistic, somewhat crazy, psychologically disturbed

Casual Attire - Flowy dresses with mini jackets, Converse shoes, multi-colored knee socks, and striped fingerless gloves

Background Info - Hime was brought up in a wealthy family, but her father sexually abused her. One day she decided to take revenge on him, and began thinking the rest of the world was as cruel as he. From that point on she became very sadistic and never trusted anyone, hurting those who came near her.

Additional Info - She loves seeing others in pain, and joined the demons' side because she hates humans and anyone else who has a happy life.