Hulaberry's Juliet character info!

Name - Juliet

Nickname - N/A

Species - Human

Age - 17

Appearance - Petite, pale skin, very thin, wears square-black framed glasses always perched on the tip of her nose

Hair Color/Style/Length - Straight, chin length neon green hair with black side bangs

Eye Color - Black eyes

Personality - Extremely intelligent, always acts bored, aloof, usually cold towards others, hardly speaks and when she does it's usually to say something sarcastic, cruel, or condescending

Casual Attire - Black double breasted flare coats, pleated skirts or white skinny jeans, knee high boots

Background Info - Juliet has no friends and doesn't interact with many people. She normally spends her time alone, and while her parents are working just stays in her room. She never stops thinking and questioning reality.

Additional Info - Doesn't like other people, but joins the angels' side because an encounter with a demon in the past has caused her to hate them