Hulaberry's Fox character info!

Name - Fox

Nickname - N/A

Species - Demon

Age - 18

Appearance - Very tall, muscular, toned, tan-ish skin

Hair Color/Style/Length - Messy dirty blonde hair that ends just below his ears with bangs that normally hang mostly in his face

Eye Color - Gold

Personality - Cocky, perverted, flirtatious, humorous, care-free, laid back

Casual Attire - White dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and top buttons undone, black jeans that are ripped

Background Info - Fox hung out with the wrong crowd, and ended up getting into much trouble because of it. Peer pressure drove him to murder, steal, and even physically harm others around him, and he became resentful of Earth and the angels for having such a happy-go-lucky life.

Additional Info - He loves flirting with girls and always seems to have a girl with him no matter where he is. Veronica despises him with a passion, but he never stops flirting with her and trying to get her to like him