Hulaberry's Veronica character info!

Name - Veronica

Nickname - V

Species - Demon

Age - 17

Appearance - Busty, tall, very slim, peach-colored skin, sharp features, full lips

Hair Color/Style/Length - Waist length silver hair with shorter pieces she wears in front of her shoulders; purple ribbons wrapped around those strands

Eye Color - Deep purple

Personality - Cold, morbid, merciless, arrogant, princess-like, flirtatious and is willing to stop at nothing to get what she wants, bossy

Casual Attire - Low cut t-shirts, plaid mini skirts, thigh-high socks and flats, or high heels and no socks

Background Info - Veronica grew up in a terrible household with an alcoholic father and an abusive mother. After a particularly harsh beating, she murdered both her parents and ran away. No one knows how she died, but she became blood-thirsty and bitter and ended up in Hell as a demon.

Additional Info - Despises all angels and humans because she believes they are undeserving of happiness. She always takes control of anything she is in charge of, and is fierce in battle.