Hulaberry's Eternity character info!

Name - Eternity

Nickname - N/A

Species - Angel

Age - 16

Appearance - Fair skin, heart-shaped face, long torso, slender, full lips, large eyes

Hair Color/Style/Length - Shoulder length auburn hair that is curls upwards at the very tips

Eye Color - Hazel/Gold-ish color

Personality - Ditzy, not very bright, but lively, fun, kind, and will cheer anyone up if they are down. Sometimes serious, but normally doesn't think often and just wants to have a good time

Casual Attire - Neon shorts with black tights underneath, Converse, layered shirts with belts, and lots of jewelry

Background Info - Eternity was a bright child who always had a dream she wanted to achieve when she grew up. She died when she was 16 in a car crash with her parents; the car slid on ice and crashed into the side of a mountain, fatally wounding Eternity. She was assigned to Cloud 9 because of her strong desire to help others achieve their dreams as well.

Additional Info - Eternity never understands jokes and laughs at the weirdest times when there is normally nothing funny about the situation. She always tries to brighten up the mood, and loves to tease others in a friendly way. She makes friends easily and can lighten up any mood.