Hulaberry's Evelyn character info!

Name - Evelyn

Nickname - Evie/Ev

Species - Angel

Age - 17

Appearance - Pale skin, high cheek bones, thin lips, slim, model-like body, slight curves

Hair Color/Style/Length - Elbow-length, straight jet black hair in choppy layers, bangs parted to the right side with one green streak in it

Eye Color - Emerald flecked with silver

Personality - Normally quiet, shy, and reserved, sensitive, but deep, and caring for her friends. She's more personable around her close friends, but with strangers she will not say a word.

Casual Attire - Ripped skinny jeans, off the shoulder shirts, band t-shirts and hoodies, with ballet flats

Background Information - Evelyn doesn't remember her previous life before becoming an angel, but she constantly dreamt while she was a human and was sent to work on Cloud 9 when she passed on, due to Leukemia.

Additional Info - Evelyn loves cute things, especially puppies and kittens. She also loves hair pieces such as headbands and clips.