Delightful Wonderland - Off to the Game

(( Oliver - 2p!England
Emile - 2p!France
Enjoy, lovlies~ ))

The day is like any other. The skies are blue as far as the eye can see and white puffs of clouds are scattered around. Everyone is out doing their own things and enjoying the serenity of the day. A certain British man is also passing the peaceful hours with a tea party of one.

"Would you like some more tea, Mr. Flopsy~?" Oliver beamed as he poured more tea into his own cup, looking at a stuffed floppy bunny who he called 'Mr. Flopsy.' The table was decorated as if it were a real tea party being thrown. But the only ones inhabiting the seats were five destroyed and horribly ripped stuffed animals and a pale-pink haired british man with thick eyebrows, light blue eyes with sparkles of pink, and a wide grin that could be taken as either innocent or deadly.

Each stuffed animal looked the same in how they were destroyed, but all were completely different. Mr. Flospy was a white floppy bunny with red stains splattered everywhere. Both legs of it were ripped in half, leaving the stuffing to overflow out of the openings. An 'X' was formed over the left side of the rabbit's chest and was sewed back up again, leaving the perfectly neat stitching behind. One of it's ears also seemed to have been ripped off at once but sewed back on with more perfection.

The others had similar markings. Some were missing arms, ears, eyes, and legs. The only thing in common about them is the 'X' above where each of their hearts would be if they were human.

Oliver continued his conversation with his stuffed animals long into the day. With his tea party being held in the middle of the park, he was given odd looks from anyone and everyone who passed by. Luckily for him, his secret reputation had been heard enough to scare everyone away from him.

"Oh if only my Cupcake were here to enjoy this lovely tea with me," Oliver said, placing an elbow on the table and resting his chin in the palm of his hand. "I wonder how well he'd do if I gave him the same treatment as I gave you, Mr. Flopsy~"

The bunny obviously stayed absulotely still as Oliver laughed to himself. He quieted down again and stared out dreamily to the sparkling lake, thoughts of dreadful things entering his mind as a smirk played against his lips.

A silver haired frenchman walked passed his line of sight, cigarette in hand. There was something off about him, though. The suit he wore was a dark red, a chain dangling out of the chest pocket, and a tie around his neck with the illustration of a clock upon it. Sliding his eyes up further, Oliver blinked at the pure white rabbit ears popping out of his head. Another notice glided his gaze to the rabbit tail the man sported.

A wide grin was painted on the british man's face once again. "Émile, you player, leading me on in such an attire~?"

Émile pulled a clock out of his pocket and simply stared at it. Upon returning it, he pulled the cigarette out of his mouth and let out a long string of smoke. "Merde... Late again, it seems." Replacing the cigarette to his lips, he glanced over at the british man starting towards him from the table. "Not 'im again," Émile muttered under his breath. Looking forward again, he started off straight towards the woods.

Oliver quickened his step in his persuing. "Running away again, Cupcake? You break my heart ever so much~"

He followed Émile deep into the woods, the air getting more and more ominous around him. Even though Oliver already lost sight of Émile, he continued to follow blindly.

"Oh Cupcake~ come out come out wherever you are, my dear," Oliver laughed darkly. The dark and secluded setting gave him a vast range of thoughts and images. Following the Frenchman only made his fantasy more and more sadistic.

After a long while, he finally stumbled out of the brush and trees into a lighted opening. He blinked and looked around at the area. "Ahhh...? Where has he brought me to this time?" Oliver straightened out and walked farther into the opening.

Dead center of the area was very large black pit. Oliver stood along the edge and peered down it, not an ending or bottom anywhere near to the surface. He slid a small pebble with his foot over the edge and waited to hear it stop. The sound never came. He hummed.

"Peculiar. Surely my Cupcake couldn't have hid from me down there, then I'd be down in my luck on having fun~"

"It's 'fun' 'zat you want? Let's see 'ow well you can survive 'ze fall 'zen..." Émile said from behind. Before Oliver could turn around, a boot was shoved onto his back, and down he went through the shadows.