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So since I'm kinda making an appearance back onto here... I've noticed that I have... a /lot/ of unfinished Fanfics.

So here's my proposition.

If you guys tell me which stories you want me to continue (or if you want me to write new things)... then tell me, kay~? I'll do my best to see what I can do and if I have the time.

Princess and the Mochi [Part 3]

((Part 2)) “Dude! Sweet, I found mochi~!” Jenny froze. She knew this voice. She slowly turned to find her other closes...

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Princess and the Mochi [Part 2]

(( Part 1 here )) The three walked into a small building, small enough to be a shack but nice enough to be an actual home. The inside was...

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Princess and the Mochi [Part 1]

((So. I'm just gonna go ahead and post this out in parts. I can tell Chero's getting tired of waiting xD SO. Here's a part one. yaaaay Introductiooooon ...

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Princess and the Mochi [Preview]

((It's taking me so long to work on this I don't understand why. But here's a preview of a story I'm trying to write. Chero I'll try to finish it as soon as I can. It's at 18 pages now but I keep getting bursts of motivation and then i ...

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