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Princess and the Mochi [Part 3]

((Part 2)) “Dude! Sweet, I found mochi~!” Jenny froze. She knew this voice. She slowly turned to find her other closes...

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Princess and the Mochi [Part 2]

(( Part 1 here )) The three walked into a small building, small enough to be a shack but nice enough to be an actual home. The inside was...

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Princess and the Mochi [Part 1]

((So. I'm just gonna go ahead and post this out in parts. I can tell Chero's getting tired of waiting xD SO. Here's a part one. yaaaay Introductiooooon ...

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Princess and the Mochi [Preview]

((It's taking me so long to work on this I don't understand why. But here's a preview of a story I'm trying to write. Chero I'll try to finish it as soon as I can. It's at 18 pages now but I keep getting bursts of motivation and then i ...

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I was bored, felt like writing, I'M SORRY IF IT'S BAD LOL --------------------------------- The White Rabbit A nicely dressed, tall man with bright white rabbit ears stood outside on the real world staring at ...

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