Remsembool Peaceful???

Ya know lately I have been thinking and ya know...Ed was explaining Resembool to Armstrong he said it was a quiet little town where nothing much happens....then I thought! Ed and Al's lives were ruined in that town!! Winry lost her parents...and there mother died...not to mention Hoenheim used to live there and my OC didn't make it much calmer I mean...she kill her family...^^ so I ask you is it so quiet and peaceful there now...^^

---Military News---
Ok I wanna ask all of you what are your opinons on these they are!:
Roy Mustang

Jean Havoc

Vato Falman

Maes Hughes

Haymens Breada

Kain Furey

Riza Hawkeye

Well my opions

1:^^ I love him!



4:T^T RIP Hughes



7:*Roy holding me back* LET ME GO I'M GONNA KILL HER!!

Thats it for today...LOVE YA ALL! (except for riza....)