Hello, my name is Natalya Charnetskova, I'm the Grand Duchess of Imperial Perovskia!
Welcome to my boudoir~

My Theme Song~

Have you heard it?

My Coronation Dress!

When I get crowned Czarina, I want to wear this dress!

It's very lovely, maybe daddy will buy it for me

My Private Room~

No one knows how pretty my room is, it's too good for a princess. But I'm no princess as you know, I'm a Grand Duchess, a higher rank! Would you like to see my boudoir?

This is an honor for any commoner I'll have you know.


Alistair, is that you? What are you doing modeling for Retroscope?!

I thought being an Imperial knight was your only occupation!


My name is Natalya Charnetskova, how do you do? Did you know my daddy is the Czar? He rules over the entire kingdom of Imperial Perovskia, except the Vogulka Guberniya, that's where I live! Would you like to see my castle?

It's very old, daddy had it restored just for me! If you're ever in town, feel free to visit~