my very own resident evil story

if you read this tell me what you think

Resident evil 4 orgazation nexus
It’s been five years since Trevor and his team mates went missing. Orgazation nexus came out of the shadows and the earth is a lot better from there help
Chapter 1, the mission
Allen walked to his computer and turned it on then Rebecca walked in. “sorry Allen nothing on the missing group today’. ‘It is ok’ replied Allen. Rebecca left the room and Allen sat at his desk. “I guess I’ll go to Europe then” said Allen to himself. He sent messages to the group. Neno was in the research lab when she got her message. “Yes finally a mission” she yelled. Garret was in the shooting range. “Finally we get to find Trevor”. Joe was in the exercise room. “Let’s kill a zombie”. Maya was working at her computer. “Yes finally I get to leave this place”. Rebecca walked back in the office. “Were really going to find Trevor what if we go missing to”. “Were trained S.T.A.R.S. officers and remember his group was rookies and go get ready and tell everybody to meet at the heliport” said Allen. Everybody arrived at the heliport. “Hello everyone” said Allen. “I know it’s been five years since we were last together like this but we have to go and find our missing team”. Then Leon walked up the stairs. “Leaving without me are you well to bad I’m going I have a score to settle with wesker”. Following him was three soldiers carrying big crates. Then Leon spoke again. “In these crates are upgraded weapons of your old weapons you guys are using and the new cure and the new upgraded navigation system so if you get lost one of us will find you”. The team exchanged there old weapons for the new ones then they got in the helicopter, Leon got in the driver seat and Allen got in the co-pilot seat then they took off to Europe.