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like the titles say ill will have the newest chapters up soon well anyways the story revolves around me and my friends that i grew up in real life. the first story took place in my hometown of colcord, oklahoma and it expanded to other towns in oklahoma, then in my 2nd story i have the virus in me like alice does in the movies well it begins in alaska with me waking up to meeting chris redfield jill valatine and billy coen then the plot gets even more confusing since i was a beginner writer back then lol and still am. well leon kennedy is introduce to my story well the whole plot to the 2nd story is about wesker. the 3rd story is about returning to the hive from the first movie with some of my friend and new allies and introducing organaztion nexus. hope you guys dont get confuses lol

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resident evil chapter 5

Chapter 5, the attack
When Joe opened up his parachute, a piece from the helicopter went through it then Joe started to fall fast. “Guys help me” he yelled. “Head for the trees” yelled back Leon. “Why would I do that?” yelled back Joe. “Just do it” yelled Allen. So Joe headed for the forest then he got stuck in a tree, then he unbuckled himself from his parachute and landed on the ground. “Well that wasn’t too bad” then the others landed beside him. “Ok guys lets go” Said Allen. “Wait which way do we go” yelled Neno. “Neno calm down” said Maya who rushed to Neno. “I can’t calm down I hate being in the woods” whispered Neno. Then Leon came running back from his scouting, yelling. “GET YOUR WEAPONS READY”. Then five Cerberus appear to be following him. Joe put on his golden brass knuckles and ran at a Cerberus and tried to punch it but it jumped over him “dang they can jump high”. Maya pulled out here katana and ran at the dog Joe was fighting, she was about to stab it but the Cerberus jump in the bushes “damn it Joe you scared it off”. Allen pulled out his blacktail handgun shot a Cerberus in the head. “Wow what fire power” he thought. The Cerberus that jumped in the bushes jumped back out and bit Joe on the ankles and wouldn’t let go so Joe started punching it then the dog tripped him and dragged him in the bushes, when the dog let go Joe punched it then his hand went through the dog’s head. “Gross I can feel his brains”. He was about to get up then another Cerberus jump through the bushes. “Oh shit” whispered Joe. Then there were two gun shots and the Cerberus fell to the ground then Neno and Garret walked up from behind Joe. “You should start carrying a gun on you or you’ll die” said Neno. “Yea whatever I got muscles” replied Joe. “Then try to tell that to Trevor when you’re dead” said garret. “Whatever” said Joe as he picked himself up from the ground. When Neno and garret walked out of the bushes Leon came walking up. “Ok everybody get ready I found the entrance to their base of operation” “hang on let me pick some herbs and give the cure to Joe” said Rebecca. “Ok I’m ready”.

chapter 2,3 and 4

Chapter 2, wesker’s wrath
Wesker walked in to the meeting room and sat down. “So Jena how is project x coming along”. “Just wonderful wesker their not ageing one bit, where did you find this stuff and the S.T.A.R.S. captain his t-virus cellular is beyond the roof how many times was he operated on”. “I can’t say that traitor Ramses worked on him”. “You mean this is the kid from the Alaska facility you been looking for eight years”. “Yes jena he is and know he will be under my control wahahahahaha”. Then Basta walked in to the room. “Sir we got an S.T.A.R.S. helicopter in the area and a picture of Leon driving’. “Shoot it down there here to find the missing team”. So Basta went down the hall way to the armory and got a rocket launcher then he went to the elevator and rode it to the surface when he spotted the helicopter he fired, the missile hit the tail of the helicopter. “Yes got them” Yelled Basta. He turned around and went back to the elevator with a smile on his face.
Chapter 3, flight alight
“Leon we got a missile heading are way” yelled Allen. Everybody got a parachute then Allen opens the hatch on the helicopter then they all jumped out, as they fell the missile hit the chopper then they opened up there parachutes.
Chapter 4, an old friend
Basta walked to the control room. “Wesker I got them”. “Good know go get Lica”. Before Basta could leave, Lica walked through the door. “You call wesker”. Then Jena got up. “Come on brother lets go wake up Kyle”. So Jena and Lica walked to the experiment room.
Five floors down.
When they got there Jena spoke. “Ok Lica go on and wake him”, “Why me”, “because you, it’s already over”, “actually Kyle you been asleep for three years” “so did it work”, “I don’t know but we have to get back to wesker”. So Jena, Kyle, and Lica went back to the meeting room. “We got Kyle with us” said Jena. Then the alarm went off then it died down. Then Basta came in to the control room. “Sir they survived but don’t worry I released the Cerberus’s


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