from now on this site is decateted to everything

feeling sick

im not feeling very well at all i been puking in the mornings and when i brush my teeth and my head hurts and im getting cold chills


"i love you, you love me, let's team up and kill Barnie with a great big punch Barnie's on the floor, no more purple dinosaur!"


Damn donkey being so cute. i was petting a donkey and i leaned to close and got elecuted by a fence on my face :) it felt good haha

i am starting to hate snow

i dont like the snow i live in oklahoma and its snowing to much i wish it would just stop and the rain way to much to

chapter 9 of my resident evil story

Chapter 9, the awakening
Jena walked in to a lap and went to a group of computer and started pushing buttons then walked to a group of glass coffins and looked at each person that was in them. “Finally you guys will wake up and join are ranks and maybe help me overthrow wesker since I did take care of you guys”. When she got done talking to herself she walked by each glass coffin and injected a serum in them, when she got done she went to her desk and sat down and waited

A coffin door slid open and someone rose from it then he looked around and he saw others coffins by his then he saw a woman looking at him. Jena got up and walked to him. “Do you know who you are or your team mates in these other coffin and my name is Jena”. He looked at his friends on either side of him then he spoke. “I don’t think I do”.