from now on this site is decateted to everything


my weekend is going to be a living hell i hav to take home a baby home for homemeck im going to go crazy

is there a category for INSANITY?!


PIKACHU!!! *point*

If I'm not suppost to be here, just tell me. -_-

schools out

so when does everyone get out for school


im in the red


HAHA! The random guest poster OF DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahaha!!! Fear me, dammit..... -_- GAH! Or somthing. On a hyper life-high rampage. YOU CAN'T STOP ME! OR THE BEAT! HAHA! I win.

So what's this world about, 'neways? I'm just here to reek havoc, cause chaos, break things and give curry to Neji. Because Neji hates curry.

Have you ever blown up an emo twig?