from now on this site is decateted to everything


soooooooooo how is everyone liking school


well first im going to talk about classes my first hour is spanish its cool than ther oklahoma history which is boring than there my third hour which is computers which rocks thats all for now

im back

hay everyone im back i miss u all im so glad to be back my summer went well what about u guys

U.S. Vs. Japan: Animation Wars

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! This is stararnold here, and I have a fun treat for ya'! I came up with a list of possible battles that could if the characters, vehicles, ships, and giant robots from U.S. Animation were to enter a cross-over war a...

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Anime and U.S. Cartoons: Shared Themes

Hello, stararnold here! After watching various animated movies/shows in the past years of my life and discussing animation with aquaintances, I discovered that there are themes and elements that Anime and U.S. cartoons share. However, each animati...

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