from now on this site is decateted to everything


so how did everyone halloween go

here his my lasted story

tell me what u think
Zombie outbreak 3 total destruction

It’s been three years and the all hell broke lose. The virus came back and the world is in chaos
Old mine shaft

Lafe, David. Run, here take these guns; now go I will meet you guys at the bus, ok. Shelby get the bombs ready. Rebecca go with Lafe and David. Ok Chris push the button, everybody run. Boom.. As the bombs were going off. Lafe and David ran as fast as they could, then around the corner zombies started coming. Two zombies snuck up on David and Lafe and bit them. then Lafe and David pulled out there guns and started shooting, and then Rebecca came around the corner and started shooting. When they got done shooting the zombies the rest of the gang came running. There was fire everywhere. As the team ran pipes were falling everywhere. Then Lafe and David trip over a pipe then the roof collapsed. LAFE and David were separated from the rest of the team. Lafe, David are guys ok, yelled Trevor. Yes but we got bitten I am sorry David. Bang, David’s body fell to the ground blood was spreading everywhere. Trevor bye. Lafe put the gun to his head and fired. His body fell to the floor.


sooo for all the twlight fans out there as anybody saw the trailers i saw yesterday it looks cool

halloween party

on friday i went to a halloween party i dressed up a girl i was inbaressed because people ask i was a pregnat chick


sooooooooo what is evwery body going to be.
im going to fbi agent clarice starling off silance of the lambs lol