from now on this site is decateted to everything


im trevor barker an i was born on 7-10-90 i am 5'7 i weigh around 170 or 180 im not fat lol just my belly is a lil chubby but the rest of my body is average as you can tell from my pics i like the color green white an black i dont got my lisance i like the movies titanic an jurrasic park i graduted high school an went to a trade in school for business managment but i didn't graduate ummm i like the foods pizza an tacos i am a big anime an fan of video games so hmu so we can hang out an chat

miss me

wow i havent been onhere in forever


If someone threw Skittles at me and yelled "Taste the rainbow!" I'd get a Big Mac and throw it back and yell "I'm loving it!"

live premair

im going to watch a live premair of harry potter on facebook


WOOT WOOT who ready for the summer