from now on this site is decateted to everything

i am sad

i am really sad. i been friends with this kid since last year and i was his only friend then he got a new friend know i dont exsit to him no more what should i do

tekken movie

has any one seen the previews for the tekken movie i cant wait to see it

gone so long

hello every one i know i been gone for 3 weeks i am sooooooo sorry (starts crying) i messed you all so how was every bodies Christmas mine was ok i guess

this is for emovambirariska

this is for the secret santa thing

Wind Friend

Out she reaches touching this darkened soil of an aged earth.
Soft hair and tender eyes she walks this path to its very end.
Colours reaching from a gentle wind giving life's beauty a natural worth.
Slowly bowing, rising, turning, from this smile it sent my friend.


the story line is so confusing but its sooooooooooooo cool to play the game is really really coool