Hi, I am Rose Erin, a Transgender person,Artist, hobbyist,And a whole lot else.I Identify as kind of an artistic girl with a love of true fandom dorkiness.
I'm not your cookie cutter nerd girl though! I am actually pretty good at writting,drawing,Designing, and sound & music.Not Great yet, but decent enough to get some praise.I hope My ramblings in this World if I post all that much dont bore you.


YAY im an Otaku Legend now!! Im so cute and adorable Im now aLEGEND!! oh wait its just cause Ive used this site for three years. ^A^ Im happy anyway!! ...

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yo Im still kinda here ya know.
This is my site please check it every now and agian,as it has my manga!
as well as previous manga for download.and other stuff of me ness

Random oh heya

Im posting?
Yes I am
Recently Ive only been trying my hand at caption battles.Only once placed i think 3rd.
I have been checking up but never did i make a noticeable change.
So toady i decided to post...

April fools is over now.thank god

Well some of you prolly geussed this by my posting art yesterday.But yeah im not leaving.

infact im ganna need more help.
I need artists and stuff cause i cant animate all by myself it takes to long to do all the keys edit and transform it to avi!!
it takes alot.

Well that was one all nighter.
Just imagine trying to make a theme song scene!
so please,i dont need great artists just competent ones!

Ok I think Im ganna leave the otaku(please read)

Yes I think its time to leave the otaku.com...For reasons obvious.I dont get on anymore.But im not ganna delete my site.just some of the content.

Any and all those who wish to hear from me can find me in teh links that im leaving on the intro section...

i always hated when a friend didnt come back to the site and leaves randomly without telling anyone....or not leaving links//
im leaving links....

well i still have my myspace and a face book with my name tatooed all over it so you can always find me....
Rose Jacob Erin is my full name if your ever wondering ...

On another note ill still check up on it every now and again...
but im not posting anything...