Hi, I am Rose Erin, a Transgender person,Artist, hobbyist,And a whole lot else.I Identify as kind of an artistic girl with a love of true fandom dorkiness.
I'm not your cookie cutter nerd girl though! I am actually pretty good at writting,drawing,Designing, and sound & music.Not Great yet, but decent enough to get some praise.I hope My ramblings in this World if I post all that much dont bore you.


i have a pic today


i have nothing to say
(whats wrong with you)

what do you mean
(you usualy pull out something longwinded)

i do not

well" any way

this image is one of millany's cousins "chezaic" and his wife "reinko"

the blah blah

beeing finished with the ruff draft of crash issue one,i have more time too edit it and get it up here,

i love you all(huggy hugg)

richards character is far more normal then i expected:exept that he understands girls more then normal

i love what ive done with third chapter,it came out far longer then beforeim on my way(giddy as a school girl)


ruff draft almost done

chapter nine of crash!! is the last chapter
of the book ,so i i am hurriing and the edits are only up to
chapter three...
...my dillimia...

i thank you for your patience
(patience or did they just forget about you)
i hope not

well i have to get busy bye

i love you all ree

first off,how do yall like crash!!

crash!! is my shojo project about a boy,richard,who finds a disc that changes the way girls think of him
problem hes already in a steady relationship with a girl he loves
a couple of strange characters apear and cause even more chaos
how will richard deal with his first incounter with the discs effects?
tell me what you think after your done reading,critisism is wanted ,i wish too improove any thing that bodes ill fer my manga
also if you wish to see more crash!!,check out the myspace

there youll get more updates faster
if your on myspace please add thanks
also,if you wanna help me get 36inc going help is wanted,
no pay its just fer fun fer now
untill i get better eqiupment
if you do just say so