Hi, I am Rose Erin, a Transgender person,Artist, hobbyist,And a whole lot else.I Identify as kind of an artistic girl with a love of true fandom dorkiness.
I'm not your cookie cutter nerd girl though! I am actually pretty good at writting,drawing,Designing, and sound & music.Not Great yet, but decent enough to get some praise.I hope My ramblings in this World if I post all that much dont bore you.

wanna see who i am?

here i am tada

after im done with crash!! i had this awsome dream of vampires (youll need to see it before you truely appretiate it though]right now crash!! is beeing refined im ganna do all i can to get this comic too you.thank you

the new stuff

Crash is a relatively slow manga to make cause i have to change alot to keep the storie on track(and that it got stoen so rewriting has to take place)

sooo because its already off timing i will do as hard as i can until i can get a new printer/scanner(sad a manga-ka without any scanner/printer

because Crash!! is my favorite thing to work on ill try as hard as i can to get it to you
(gotta act like your big before you can get big no one takes a shy girl seriously)now one thing before i say bye
ill see you when im done getting all this shit kay!! k good

vamp up!!

hello guys i did a lil redraw of crash so today im deleting what you see on my site and replacing it with the new art.its a lot more neat and more complete feeling.its been awhile sence i came on so please excuse the absence.


my first volume of crash!! has been stolen just as i start on the second one too. *=* its not fair i have to start over and this will postpone everything i wanted to do...

my presious is gone

either way ill keep going cause thats what animaters do

and i promise to try realy hard

crash will be revived with phenix down.!!

i died a lil