Rosaxi's Little Poem.

So... tada! This is my new fan fiction for Kingdom Hearts. Rosaxi is Cloud's Nobody. I know, I know, her name sounds like Roxas's. But all the names for Cloud + X sounded like a dude name. I do not create dudes. Her name's prolly going to change a...

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Rosaxi's Profile... I Guess... :D

So, I've been asked (by my non-Otaku friends, anyway) to put a bio on for Rosaxi. And, after a considerably long time, I've obliged. Here it is, all you need to know Rosaxi I've always hated explaining in the stories! :D

Name: Rosaxi (pronounced row-SIGH. Funny, right?)
Age: About eighteen or nineteen.
Hair: Blonde with one long, red streak.
Eyes: Cloudy blue.
Weapon: Razorblade. I should probably change that in the story 'cause the Keyblade sounds funny. I guess it's like Leon's Gunblade, only it has the features of a Keyblade. She's the only one who can use it.
Abilities: Let's just say she has extreme temper tantrums. If you thought Cloud was bitter, you haven't seen her when she's mad... she kinda can shoot fire outta her eyes.
Strengths: Being with Cloud and Leon. They're her other... thirds.
Weaknesses: Fighting against the Organization. They know her all too well.
Likes: Leon, being alone, messing with Cid's computer, and Aerith's kindness.
Dislikes: Cloud's bitterness, Yuffie's "transporting shiz", and Merlin's "magicky stuff".

Story: So, remember in Kingdom Hearts, when Cloud worked for Hades? Well, without knowing it, he kinda gave away his heart. Which made Rosaxi appear in Radiant Gardens, or Hollow Bastion. But, feeling a bit too lost in the large, Heartless-infested city, she went to Traverse Town. And that's where she met Leon, Yuffie, Aerith, Cid, and Merlin, who took her in. I know, I suck at writing profiles, but bear with me. But then Leon recognised her a bit ('cause she looked like Cloud... heh.) and decided that she was "Cloud's twin sister" and took her to the Olympus Coliseum, where she met Sora, Donald, and Goofy. Seeing as they had no idea who she was, or, more accurate, what she was, they let her pass. Then she met Cloud, who, in all his bitterness, told her to go away, it was his fight, but she didn't leave. I guess this would be a memorable quote, because she said, "Well, somehow, someway, this is my fight, too." She stayed with Hades for a while after that, when Cloud got his heart back to himself, and that's when the Organization found her. She became number XIV, after Roxas, who became one of her closest friends, despite the fact she had a bit of a fling with Demyx. (I would've drawn a picture of the beginning of my story, but, seeing as I'm a wimp, Demyx's hair is a /bitch/ to draw. xP) Although, when everyone forgot about Sora, which would mean end of Kingdom Hearts numero uno, enter Kingdom Hearts II.

She goes back to Hollow Bastion, remembering that's where she first appeared. And there, after an encounter with the Heartless, she sees Yuffie and Leon again. They're thrilled to see her, of course, Cloud's twin from Traverse Town, but after she explains the story, everything changes. They realise who and what she is: A Nobody without a name. After a week or two, they come up with one, out of nowhere: Rosaxi, the Nobody of Traverse Town. She didn't really need a title, but hack, who cares? xD After a month of staying in Hollow Bastion in Merlin's cute little cottage, she finally meets Cloud again. The Nobodies and Organization XIII were in the Bailey, and she, Leon, Yuffie, and Cloud teamed up to kick some Nobody arse. :D

Cloud has no idea who she is, mind you. So when it came to fighting Demyx, he felt some surge of anger and beat the crap out of him, even though Rosaxi felt obligated to do so. Demyx's last words to her as a "boyfriend": "You're just like them, aren't you?" She blew his phrase off, pretending not to know him, because of Cloud's lack of information. Although in the time period between her arrival and Demyx's, she had grown very, very close to Leon, who had opened up to someone for the first time. :/| Hahahah, Leon. So ANYWHO, he told her everything: about how he abandoned Radiant Gardens for Traverse Town when the darkness came, about his Gunblade, and he always pondered over her Razorblade, which is reminiscent of Sweeney Todd's... ^///^

So that's the bio, I guess. I may add the beginning to my story... ah, well. Ta-ta for now... :D