A story of Family, Friends and a Shit load of problems!

Chapter 8

Sam whispered good night to his daughter and quietly closed the door, before tip toeing across the hall towards Ryan’s room. He crept quietly into the room to find his son lying asleep on top of his bed, pages of drawings scattered the floor. Sam smiled. Sitting on the edge of the bed he placed a hand on his sons shoulder and shook him awake. Ryan sprang up and gripped his daddy’s forearm.

“Hey champ.” Sam whispered. His son stared up at him, bleary eyed and with his hair sticking up at odd angles. “Let’s get you under the covers.”

Ryan, very slowly, did just this while his father picked up all the pages on the floor. He lifted the drawings absent minded until one caught his eye. The scribbled figure of a boy reminded him of someone, with his shaggy brown hair and tall frame. The eyes were penetrating pale blue. If Sam had to guess, he would say that the drawing was him as a kid, the likeliness was just too coincidental. He placed the rest of the pages carefully on the desk but kept the drawing in his hand.

“This is a very good drawing champ.” Sam said, he sat beside his son on the bed and held the drawing up, “Who’s it meant to be?”

Ryan yawned, “Jack showed him to me in my head, he said it was you daddy. But I told him it couldn’t be because your eyes aren’t that colour.”

“Yeah. Can’t be me. Jack must be telling white lies.” Sam tried to smile, but the anxiety in his gut wouldn’t let him.

He kissed his son on the cheek and retreated to the living room. Sitting on the couch, he turned the TV down low and studied the drawing again. There was no doubt in his mind that this drawing was meant to be of him, which meant that Jack was becoming more than just an imaginary friend. Sam had seen too much in his career as a hunter to dismiss this as just another childish game and he was sure that Dean, his dad, Sarah and Angel would think the same when he told them what had just happened.

Sighing, he switched through the channels but nearly every one of them was showing the news. It was the same old thing, war in some country, soldiers dead somewhere else; a celebrity has adopted a child from mars - big deal. Eventually he settled on a late night chat show, sat back and let his pensive mood take over.

He felt awful for Dana and also for Angel. She seemed so upset about what had happened and Dean seemed lost on what he should do. But by now, he probably had his wife calmed down; he could always comfort her one way or another.

Sam remembered back to when Angel was in the hospital having Dana, almost eleven years ago, they had been married for a year by then and it had been the night just after Sam and Sarah had returned from their honeymoon. They had both rushed to the hospital where they met John and then they all went in together to see Dean and Angel. She was in a lot of pain but Dean was so calm, easing her fears by holding her hand and hugging her shoulders, all the while whispering words of encouragement in her ear.

The more Sam thought, the more he realised that he and Sarah had that bond too and it made him feel better knowing that. Satisfied that his pensiveness hadn’t put him in a deep state of depression, he stretched himself along the couch and drifted peacefully into his dreams.

Chapter 7

Angels Prov.

I knocked on John’s blue front door and stood off the doorstep waiting to be welcomed inside. The door swung open and my father-in-law smiled down at me. His expression made me feel warm and safe, like my own father had once made me feel. But he was long dead. John was the closest thing I had to a father in my life.

“Angel, fancy seeing you here at this time.” He said as he gently took grip of my upper arm and guided me inside. The door was then shut gently, “ What can I do you for?”

“Do I need a reason to pay a visit to my Father – in – law from time to time?” I replied trying my hardest to muster up a convincing smile.

“Not when he lives 4 miles out of town and its ten thirty in the evening.”

The man was too damn smart. I shrugged, not knowing how to answer him.

“Is my Dean giving you a hard time? Or are you guys researching for some hunt that I wasn’t informed about? Or maybe it’s both?”

“It’s none of them actually.” I looked down at my hands and started cleaning my cuticles ,” Sam and Sarah were having an discussion about supernatural related things today and Dana – being the little sneaky minx that she is – ease dropped and is asking questions. Dean is all game to answer her questions but I am not so sure.”

John nodded his head and made ‘hmmm’ sounds. He laid his hand on my arm again and escorted me into his kitchen, where I took a seat at the table and he switched on the kettle.

“You don’t want her to know about our past?” He finally replied.

“To be honest. No. I don’t want her to grow up in fear like we did. I mean I will tell her eventually but not now. She is just too damn young.” The kettle boiled nosey in the background and John continued nodding his head, “For her to know about mine and Sam’s blood would just be the cherry on top of the crap cake that this is turning out to be.”

John retrieved mugs from the cupboard and placed a spoon full of coffee in one and a tea bag in the other. I knew he was stalling – trying to find a decent answer, one that wouldn’t upset me.

“You should tell her now. It’s only fair. You may not want to ruin her childhood – but it was an unfortunate incident that she overheard and we just have to deal with that. Besides. It is better that we answer her questions now than have her find out by other means later.” He placed the tea in front of me, “There is no way around this.”

It was the truth. I could tell a lie but that would only go to shit in the end. I could forget about it and not answer her questions but then she may rebel and find things out by her self – she was too much like her father not to. If I wanted the best for my daughter – telling her of our past shenanigans was the only way.

John sat on the chair across from me and placed his hand over mine. It was comforting but not helpful in any way. We remained in silence and I assumed he was thinking over ways to explain to Dana. I, however, was thinking over ways to deal with her. This would not be easy on any child but it would be especially hard for her. She was like me when it came to things like this. Yeah she would act all tough and cover up like her father would do but deep down, she was questioning herself and worrying to the point of being physically sick. I didn’t want that for my daughter, it was heart breaking.

“We should all sit her down and explain to her. The other kids can be left with Missouri for a hour or so.” John said between sips of coffee, “ It will all be okay.”

Somehow I wasn’t convinced.

Chapter 6

Dean cradled Cobain in his arms. Once again he had fallen asleep while watching some horror movie with the youngest Winchester in his arms.

Angel stood in the door way watching the two of them, both asleep and out of harms way. She was so worried about Dina, but she didn’t dare question her about it. The last thing she needed to do was spark her interest even more. The thing that bothered her most was that she had no one to talk to about the subject. Her father was dead, and probably would have agreed with the men anyway, her mother was also dead, having burned up on the ceiling when Angel was just 6 months old. Times like these called for desperate measures and her desperate measure was none other than John Winchester.

Just as she was scribbling a note for Dean on the memo pad pinned to the refrigerator her cell phone rang. It was Sam.

“Hello.” She said, some what irritated.

“Hey Angel. I know I’m the last person you want to talk to right now –“

“ No shit Sam.” She sighed, she nether had the energy or heart to be him,” What can I do you for?”

“It’s about Ryan. I’m worried. Has he ever mentioned a boy named Jack?”

Angel thought for moment. He had done, on a few occasions and she had thought nothing of it.

“Yeah he has done. But I always assumed he was a school friend.” She replied bewildered.

“No. I don’t think he is. Not according to Kayla anyway.”

“Well maybe he is just going through the imaginary friend stage.”

“Angel, do you honestly believe with everything that we have seen that he could just happen to be going through one of those phases. Surly you have noticed that Ryan isn’t all that normal. He is already showing signs of paranormal behaviour.” Sam whispered.

“But Dana had the same behaviour and she turned out fine. Remember she used to talk to her self and burst into tears for no reason. Just like Ryan does now. She even used to spend all her time doodling little crazy pictures. But now, those signs have gone and everything’s fine.”

As much as Angel didn’t like her brother-in-law at that precise moment, she just couldn’t stand to have him worry about his son becoming one of them. One of the demons children. Its not that they weren’t prepared, hell they had spent hours discussing the ‘what if’s’ but even so – for thoughts to become reality seemed to frightening to even bare thinking about.

“Maybe. I’ll keep an eye on it anyway.” Sam replied.

“You do that Sammy. Bye.”

She hung up the phone and with out a second thought took her coat from it’s hook and left.

Chapter 5

“She was that upset?” Sarah asked

“Yeah, I mean, you know, she’s protective of her as you are of Kayla. You guys have a motherly bond with your kids.” Sam replied, he was stirring a bowl of melted chocolate as he spoke.

Ryan and Kayla were at the kitchen table playing with flour. Ryan threw a ball of te white powder at Kayla making her scream.

“Wowa, guys calm down!” Sam yelled as Kayla fired back at Ryan, only to miss and hit the small of Sam’s back,” Enough!”

“They giving you a hard time sweetie?” Sarah giggled.

“Never bake a cake when out numbered, two to one!” he warned, ducking as more flour was sent flying.

Sarah was handed a flip chart which was her cue to leave. They said their good byes and hung up the phone.

“Right, enough flour throwing and lets get this cake finished for tomorrow!”

“Daddy, Daddy! Add the chocolate!”Ryan screamed excited.

“You can’t add it yet stupid!” Kayla snapped,” It’ll ruin it!”

“Kayla! He’s only trying to help!”

“But dad he’s not helping! He’s messing it up!”

“Now Kayla! Enough, he’s trying!”

Kayla fell silent at her father’s annoyed tone and continued stirring the flour. Noting that his sister had just been yelled at, Ryan smiled and stuck out his tongue.

“Dad. Ryan stuck his tongue out at me!”

“Ryan! Don’t be nasty!”

Ryan pouted and folded his tiny arms in protest.

“Jack told me to do it!” He replied.

“Jack?” Sam asked raising an eyebrow.

“He has an imaginary friend called Jack. He never shuts up about him!” Kayla said.

It was then that Sam suddenly knew how little he actually knew his own son. How little he knew about any of his kids. It was only these few hours that he ever got to really spend time with them, on these Saturday evenings. He was working through the week as a respectable lawyer so he bearly got to see them. Maybe Sarah would know more? Maybe even Angel? Or Dean.

Chapter 4

Dean arrived home at five that evening. His impala pulled up into the driveway just as I was crossing the road with the kids. My heart was pulse was racing, my palms were sweating and if given the choice between fight and flight – I knew exactually which one I would have chosen. Don’t get me wrong, informing Dean that his daughter knows about our past was a walk in the park; it was informing Angel that I was so worried about.

Dana ran and jumped into her dad’s arms before he even got a chance to close the car door, I remained behind hold am impatient Cobain.

“Did you have fun with Uncle Sammy today?” I heard Dean ask as I crossed the lawn.

As Dana opened her mouth to answer I quickly jumped in with my own.

“Oh yeah we all went to the park to play soccer. Very good fun.” Dana shot me a spiteful look,” Why don’t you take Cobain inside while I talk to your dad.”


“Please Dana, do as Uncle Sam says. You know what I said about respecting adults.”

I handed Cobain down to the child, slung the bag over her shoulder and smiled. She remained routed to the same spot, staring at us in confusion.

“Now!” Dean said fiercely and away she went,” What’s up Sammy?”

“Okay. Well you see --“My mind went blank,” Um…well. Sarah and I were having a discussion in the park today about if our kids ever found out about us hunting and we started to argue. Dana was supposed to be playing with her cousins…”

“Whoa… slow down. Now, you guys were talking about hunting and then what?”

“Dana over heard us talking. Now she is asking questions. “

Dean sighed, leaned back against his car and placed his palm to his forehead.

“I’m sorry Dean…”

“No, no she was going to find out someday. Just can’t believe it happens to be that day.” He lifted his head,” You know it’s not me you have to worry about, it’s Angel. When it comes to this she uses the power of PMS.”

He was right of course. To put it bluntly, Angel will rip my balls off, and if it weren’t for Sarah clearing off to work, she would probably rip her open too. That would make us both infertile.

“What do you think she will do to me?” I asked, I tried to contain the quiver in my voice.

“Only one way to find out…”

“What!!” Angel snapped, “You what!”

“It’s not their fault our daughter doesn’t know to mind her own business! We are obviously shit parents and should take all the blame!”

I remained at the door, well out of the way of this domestic. We had told her the whole story, unedited and uncensored. Dana, as far as we knew, as in her room and Cobain in the living room. My kids had joined us somewhere between the end of the story and the beginning of the fight; they were in the living room as well. Angel was sitting at the kitchen table in her large paint splattered shirt, glaring at me with all the kindness of a wet cat.

“This is not about our parenting skills! This is about Dana! She is too young to know about this. She’s freaking ten! Finding out where babies come from should be the extent of her worry!”

“We had this when we were ten!” Dean replied,” and the worry of where babies come from!”

“Yes, but this is our daughter! The one that sucks at school but tries anyway, the one that loves ‘AC/DC’ and plays guitar, the one that loves sand-papering jeans and helping me paint. Dean, this is our child. Do you really want her to grow up like we did?”

Dean was silent and so was I. I hated our child hood and I would give anything for our children never to have to face that.

“I refuse to explain to her. You and your fuck-wit brother and John can, but I am not going to be forever associated with ruining her childhood!”

Tears ran down her cheeks. Dean pulled her into a hug and she accepted with pleasure, which was surprising considering the amount of screaming she had been doing towards him. Ryan appeared at my side and started pulling on my shirt.

“Why auntie Ange crying?” He asked looking bewildered.

“She’s just a little sad is all?” I replied,” its okay.”

Kayla joined us in the kitchen. She walked over to Angel and dean.

“It’s okay Auntie Angel.”

Angel pulled away from Dean, scooped my daughter into her arms and held her tight. Kayla hung on to her, not daring to let go. I could feel myself choking up with emotion and retreated to the living, closely followed by Dean and Ryan.

“Well.” Dean sighed, sitting down on the couch,” That went well.”