Welcome to the World of Roleplay. In here I will put up pictures of my and my friend's roleplaying characters and their history. I will even put of some of the rp we do together. I hope you enjoy this world.

After Christmas (RP with Savi)

Keelena Kazoou: sitting in his room, playing a new video game he got

Savitar soulus walks up and knocks on the door to his room.

Keelena: Kazou: come in *keeps eyes on his game*

Savitar walks in and shuts the door behind him.

Savitar Allo there, Kazou.

Keelena: Kazou: oh, hi Soulus

Savitar Heh, well atleast you know me.

Keelena: Kazou: if you're looking for Mayra, she's in her room with her new pet

Savitar Heh, im glad she's enjoying it, but...no i actually came to talk to you.

Keelena: Kazou about what?

Keelena: *:

Savitar Heh, what did you think about the whole thing with Alex

Keelena: Kazou: like Arisca and Mayra brainwashed him

Savitar brainwashing? hehe...so you don't think he's right?

Savitar leans against a wall.

Keelena: Kazou: nope. mom and dad buys our gifts

Savitar my my...what else don't you believe in?

Keelena: Kazou: easter bunny, toothfairies and all that other kids stuff

Savitar sighs in relief he didn't say jack frost.

Savitar I see.

Keelena: Kazou: that snow guy too. Jack something

Savitar tenses up a bit and thinks "should have seen that one coming"

Savitar So your the kind of person that has to see...to believe...that about right?

Keelena: Kazou: guess so

Savitar walks up to Kazou and kneels down a bit looking at him.

Savitar As you wish.

Keelena: Kazou: what? *looks at him confused*

Savitar puts a hand on his shoulder and they disappear into shadow reappearing in the factory

Keelena: Kazou: ....where are we?! *looks around then at Soulus*

Savitar hehehe...ask the guy behind you.

Savitar santa stands behind Kazou.

Keelena Kazou: freezes and slowly turns around, eyes widen. "no way! I'm dreaming!:

Savitar santa bends over to look him in the face smelling a bit of peppermint.

Savitar Santa: so...i hear you don't believe in me.

Keelena Kazou: stutters

Savitar Santa: Now why would that be Kazou Michaelis...because you didn't get this...

Savitar hands him an oblong package.

Keelena Kazou: takes it and opens it. "....a skateboard!"

Savitar santa rubs the top of Kazou's head and walks away disappearing in a flash of sparkling gold lights with a cheerful jolly laugh echoing behind him.

Keelena Kazou: looks up. "wait S-...."

Savitar is behind Kazou again...soulus standing to the side now.

Savitar Santa: what is it Kazou?

Keelena Kazou: turns around and looks at him. "you think...maybe....you can get my mom to smile again?"

Savitar Santa: My boy, my magic makes people the best they can be on this one day...shes already been hit with it...as everyone has...but...what does she need magic to smile for...shes got you, and mayra, and kairi...she has all she needs...in time...you will know this to be as true as i am to you now.

Keelena: Kazou: o, thanks Santa.

Keelena: *ok

Savitar Santa: hoho...all things have their season...mines almost up...she'll smile when its time...however.

Savitar he bends down again and hands him a small pouch and whispers something into his ear and pulls back with a warm smile before giving off his jolly laugh again and disappearing again.

Keelena Kazou: looks at the small pouch

Keelena Kazou: looks at Soulus. "so I guess, if he's real, then so are the other things"

Savitar Yeah, they are, if you'd like proof of that, id be more than glad to show you.

Savitar stretches his hand a bit

Keelena: Kazou: no, I believe they are now. *takes Soulus's hand*

Savitar good...cause i was really not looking forward to taking you to Jack Frost

Keelena Kazou: smiles nervously and rubs his head. "right"

Savitar Hehe, hasn't gone by that name in years...calls himself Sub-Zero now.

Savitar the vanish into shadow and are back in his room.

Keelena: Kazou: thanks Soulus. *runs out of his room* mom!

Keelena is putting a sleeping Kairi to bed when Kazou runs in.

Savitar heh...thanks...Saint Nickolas hehe.

Keelena: Kazou: mom, I saw Santa!

Keelena: shhh, Kair's sleeping

Keelena: *Kairi's

Savitar disappears out of the room and down to the couch downstairs.

Keelena Kazou: in a hushed voice. "I saw Santa."

Keelena smiles and leads him out of the room.

Keelena: so you believe now huh

Keelena Mayra: walks up to Soulus and climbs onto his lap.

Keelena: Kazou: yeah, he gave me a skateboard.

Keelena: heh, just be careful on it ok.

Keelena goes downstairs

Keelena Kazou: stops and quietly goes into Kairi's room. takes out his pouch and sprinkles some of the dust over the sleeping baby. "mom will smile a real smile. this will help." puts the pouch away and leaves the room.

Keelena walks over to Soulus, arms crossed

Keelena: you got two 10 year old boys to believe in Santa. good job.

Keelena: *a 10 year old and a 15 year old

Savitar Heh, thanks, though Santa did the heavy lifting

Keelena: Mayra: Savi take me to see Santa?

Keelena smiles at Mayra

Savitar Hmmm, but you already believe in Santa Mayra.

Keelena: Mayra: Kazou and Alex got to see him

Keelena: that's because they didn't believe in him sweetie

Keelena: Mayra: next year then? *looks at Soulus*

Savitar looks up at kee with a raised eyebrow.

Keelena looks back at Soulus then nods, giving the OK

Savitar hehe, alright then, see you in a bit kee.

Keelena: mhm

Keelena smiles

Savitar picks mayra up as he gets up and vanishes reappearing in the factory.

Keelena Mayra: looks around as she smiles witha giggle

Savitar santa appears infront of them out of gold sparkles and smiles warmly at mayra.

Savitar Santa: Ah Mayra...for awhile there i thought Soulus was only bringing me non-believers...but you...you i know well

Keelena: Mayra: hi Santa. hehe.

Savitar santa walks up and opens his hand before a stuffed reindeer with a red bow collar around is in his hand, its rather plush and he hands it to Mayra.

Keelena Mayra: smiles more and takes it, hugging it close. "thank you Santa!"

Savitar Santa: Hoho...your welcome Mayra

Savitar santa rubs her head gently a bit and looks at her.

Savitar Santa: see you next year.

Keelena Mayra: lays her head on Soulus's shoulder, waving a bit tiredly. "bye Santa"

Savitar Santa disappears waving to her a jolly laugh echoing behind him

Savitar Well Mayra...what do you think of the real deal?

Keelena Mayra: had fallen asleep, hugging her reindeer close.

Savitar Heh, ask her tomorrow...

Savitar the fade into shadow and reappear in the living room.

Keelena is sitting on the couch, looks up and smiles.

Keelena: heh, fell asleep on ya huh?

Savitar Yep, certainly has been an interesting Christmas...when i learned about Santa i didn't think id take three kids up there in the same night to meet him one day

Keelena: heh, you want me to take her?

Savitar heh...shes fine as she is.

Savitar sits down on the couch next to kee

Keelena: I'll never understand why she's so attached to you. ever since she was a baby.

Savitar Me neither...I don't exactly tend to have that effect...your other children seem to be somewhat cautious of me.

Keelena: Kairi's only a year old so she doesn't know and Kazou, well, he's a boy so he's going to be cautious

Savitar I see, suppose that is true...Kazou is so...proof oriented...he'd make a good scientist hehe.

Keelena: heh, I think so too. but he's very protective when it comes to me and his sisters. he hasn't shown much powers yet. but he got visions like me only they happen as dreams for him. and they're not painful.

Savitar hmmm i see...gained powers from you...but not weaknesses.

Savitar power evolution.

Keelena: heh, Mayra shares memories, can see through someone else's eyes, feel other's emotions, start a fire and now vanish in bright lights.

Keelena: and can't forget the one thing she's been doing since she was born, talking to others through telepathy.

Savitar Hmmm, her powers are significant...hard to tell what she'll end up being...heh...

Savitar looks at mayra rather caringly

Keelena: hopefully...she'll have a better life. no wars, no killings.

Savitar hopefully...hehe....Kee...I helped with Noel...not because she begged me and im a sucker like others...but because well...id do an...hah...you already know that bit...go ahead and hit me if you like.

Keelena: I'm not going to hit you.

Savitar your not?

Keelena: no...I was only joking to scare my husband and brother-in-law. I already knew you three got her the rabbit. I read Sebastian's mind the day you all got her.

Savitar you'd think he'd learn not to look you in the eye if he wants to hide something hehe

Keelena: yeah, you'd think

Keelena looks at Mayra

Keelena: hm, she's growing up so fast...

Savitar Yep...whats the current rate.

Keelena: hm?

Keelena looks at Soulus

Savitar whats her growth rate...how fast is she ageing into an adult form.

Keelena: well...from when she was a baby to now, it was every two months, now...she's slowed down a bit. it's every five months now....i think. i'm not sure.

Savitar hmmm, well there will be growth spirts most likely

Keelena: growth spirits?

Keelena Mayra: stirs a little

Savitar Growth Spurts...she will on occasion most likely...rapidly accelerate her aging process...like humans occasionally accelerate their growth process

Keelena: ah, ok

Keelena grabs a blanket and covers Mayra with it.

Savitar Heh...its funny isint it...one little girl...gave a Judge who wanted nothing...so much.

Keelena left the room. (Logged out)

Keelena joined the room.

Keelena: yes, it is. she even saved your life.

Savitar Don't think i don't know it...she didn't just save it...she gave it back to me...and even gave me something to fill it with.

Keelena: what do you mean?

Savitar which part?

Keelena: the last one

Savitar If not for Mayra...i may not have stuck around as long as i did...what of done...or rather...not done...as many things as i have...who knows how things would have been different.

Keelena smiles

Keelena: she's my special child

Savitar honestly...she gave me a family...something i had never even hoped for...hehe...Ill always lover her for that.

Keelena: you know what she can't wait for? and she tells me this every night when I tuck her in.

Savitar what?

Keelena: she can't wait to start training with you.

Savitar Ill teach her all i know...but she won't be a Judge...id not wish this life on someone so close to me...but i only hope she will still want to when the time is right.

X_Mas rp with Kira and Savi

Butterflykiss7963 comes down stairs in a white chinese style dress with a few more gifts setting them under the tree
Butterflykiss7963: kee! hurry up sis they'll be here any minute!
Keelena I'm coming I'm coming!
Keelena comes down the stairs wearing a dress similar to Kira's only in red. puts the rest of the gifts under the tree
Butterflykiss7963 Arisca: runs down stairs in a cute little purple dress
Savitar walks through a blizzard and looks around.
Savitar: I have got to get a new job...
Savitar looks at a polar bear sitting next to an empty coke bottle.
Butterflykiss7963 Violet: comes down with Alex wearing a cute pink dress
Savitar: .......NAWWW....
Butterflykiss7963: (really dude? XD)
Savitar: (oh it shall get worse lmfao)
Keelena Mayra: runs down the stairs in a little purple dress a bit similar to Arisca's only with silver trimming. "presents!"
Keelena (XD)
Keelena heh, not yet Mayra, we have to wait for everyone else.
Keelena Kazou! bring Kairi down with you please!
Butterflykiss7963 Kazou: "OKAY MOM!" holds Kairi coming down stairs in a nice dress shirt, pants and vest
Savitar keeps walking and then looks at his watch
Keelena kneels in front of Mayra and brushes her hair a little. "there, beautiful"
Savitar: Holy...its Christmas?...how long have i been out here?!
Butterflykiss7963 Alex: comes down in a nice black sute and red tie
Keelena Kairi: is wearing a dark greenish dress
Butterflykiss7963: Alex: mom do i have to wear this? it's so tight
Savitar: hmmmm....time to call in a favor...
Butterflykiss7963 raises and eyebrow
Savitar takes out his phone and makes a call.
Keelena stands and takes Kairi from Kazou
Butterflykiss7963: you call this tight? sweety you were jeans tigher then mine it'll be a miracle if you can have kids
Butterflykiss7963: *tighter
Butterflykiss7963 Alex: blushes "mom!"
Butterflykiss7963: yeah yeah go help your father
Keelena laughs
Butterflykiss7963 Alex: mutters going to the kitchen
Keelena Alex, behave for your mother!
Savitar Soulus vanishes and reappears in the air about 50 feet up and 200 feet away from the house...he looks down still on the phone.
Savitar: ...thanks...
Savitar falls to the ground hitting the snow with a thud.
Butterflykiss7963: Alex: fine
Keelena Kairi: giggles
Keelena puts Kairi in a blocked off area to let her crawl around
Keelena Mayra: runs to the door and tries to reach it
Keelena jeez Mayra, give him a chance to actually get to the door.
Savitar gets up slowly and puts his phone away shaking his head.
Savitar: saint my foot...that bloody well hurt...hmmm...
Butterflykiss7963 Alexander: puts Alfred in his little area
Savitar looks at his clothes.
Savitar: this wont do...hmmm...
Keelena Mayra: tries to reach the door knob
Keelena shakes her head and walks over to help Mayra
Keelena you silly little girl, give people a chance to knock on the door.
Keelena picks her up
Savitar snaps his fingers and he is wearing a black suit with deep red shirt and emerald green silk tie that he sinches up a bit.
Butterflykiss7963 finishes up with the cleaning
Savitar: better...
Keelena Mayra: open momma open
Keelena just wait sweetie, he'll be in.
Savitar his coat appears over him and he brushes himself up a bit.
Savitar: Okay...Christmas...with a family...well this will be new.
Savitar walks up to the house.
Butterflykiss7963 sees him through the window and nods to kee
Butterflykiss7963: go ahead and let her
Keelena Mayra: momma open! (whines*
Savitar knocks on the door.
Keelena alright alrightm stop the tears before they start
Keelena picks Mayra up so she can open the door
Keelena Mayra: smiles as she turns the knob and opens it. "Savi!"
Savitar: Hehe, Hello Mayra, Hello to you too Kee.
Keelena Hi Soulus
Keelena Mayra: reaches out to him
Butterflykiss7963 smiles walking by setting a small plant on the table near the door
Keelena Mayra, let him walk in first
Keelena steps back
Butterflykiss7963: Marry Christmas Soulus it's good to see you
Savitar walks in and picks mayra up and hugs her.
Keelena Mayra: hugs him back, giggling
Savitar: Merry Christmas to you too.
Keelena closes the door
Keelena Kairi: "mama! mama!"
Keelena heh
Butterflykiss7963 Sebastian: smiles at the sound of Kairi talking
Keelena walks over to Kairi and picks her up
Keelena now that you said your first word, you just won't stop will you, little one
Keelena Kairi: giggles
Savitar walks over to the couch and sits down with Mayra.
Butterflykiss7963: would you like some to drink Soulus?
Keelena Mayra: presents now?
Keelena not yet Mayra
Savitar: Hmmm? like?
Keelena Mayra: eggnog! *giggles*
Butterflykiss7963: hehe yes eggnog, tea, hot chocolate anything really hehe
Savitar: heh sure ill take some eggnog
Butterflykiss7963: hehe alright i'll be right back with it
Savitar: thanks.
Butterflykiss7963 walks off to the kitchen
Savitar: Man...almost missed Christmas...was rather...eh lost for time in that blizzard hah.
Keelena need to keep better track of time Soulus
Keelena smiles
Keelena Kairi: reaches out to her father. "mama"
Keelena heh, she may be saying "mama" but she wants daddy
Butterflykiss7963 Sebastian: chuckles and takes Kairi holding her
Butterflykiss7963: Sebastian: she'll get it in time
Keelena yeah
Butterflykiss7963 a knock is heard at the door
Keelena looks at Mayra, seeing her not moving
Keelena oh, so now that Soulus is here, you don't want to answer the door. heh.
Savitar: By the by...its very cold further up at the poles hehe.
Keelena goes to answer the door
Keelena Mayra: looks at Soulus confused. "pole?"
Keelena opens the door
Savitar: toward the top of the world Mayra
Butterflykiss7963: Arisca: Santa? :D
Butterflykiss7963 May: smiles as she opens the door Kain standing next to her
Keelena hey you two, merry christmas
Keelena hugs them both
Butterflykiss7963 May and Kain: hugs you back
Keelena Mayra: Savi saw Santa? :D
Savitar: Hmmmm? what about him?
Butterflykiss7963: Kain: Merry Christmas honey!
Butterflykiss7963: May: Merry Christmas my dear
Keelena Kira, May and Kain are here!
Keelena shuts the door
Butterflykiss7963 Arisca: gasps and goes over to Soulus "Santa is real?" :D
Butterflykiss7963 walks out from the kitchen ands hugs them both
Keelena Arisca, who told you he wasn't sweetie?
Butterflykiss7963: Merry Chirstmas guys
Savitar: Yes, Santa is very real hehe.
Butterflykiss7963: Arisca: Alex :o
Butterflykiss7963 Alex: >_>
Keelena looks at Kira
Butterflykiss7963: - -
Keelena that's your job sis
Keelena Mayra: and Kazou
Keelena ...Kazou!
Butterflykiss7963 Kazou: >.>
Butterflykiss7963 Arisca: smiles
Butterflykiss7963: Arisca: what's Santa like? :D
Keelena Mayra: tell us Savi!
Savitar remembers the abrupt drop.
Keelena heh, have fun Soulus
Butterflykiss7963: (VOOODDDKKAAA~ *shot*)
Keelena takes May and Kain's coats and puts them in the closet
Keelena (XD)
Keelena Kain, have you heard from aunt Yuuki?
Savitar: Heh...Well Santa is a very nice man...who appearantly thinks hes funny at times.
Butterflykiss7963: Kain: oh well yes i have she's going great
Keelena that's good.
Butterflykiss7963: Arisca: well of course Santa's funny he left a peice of coal in Alex's stocking las year
Butterflykiss7963: Alex: thanks sis - -
Butterflykiss7963: Arisca: you're welcome! :D
Butterflykiss7963: Arisca: what'd i do?.... :D
Keelena pats Alex on the head as she walks by
Keelena that's what you get for telling your sister he wasn't real
Savitar: yeah...he takes offense to such things.
Butterflykiss7963: Alex: yeah >_>
Keelena I haven't seen Vi come down yet
Butterflykiss7963: Kain: Yuuki said she wants to come visit you some time
Keelena I would love to see her.
Butterflykiss7963: Alex: Violet was still in the bathroom putting on war paint
Keelena war paint, for what?
Butterflykiss7963: Arisca: Alex calls makeup war paint
Keelena Mayra: momma, someone about to knock on the door
Keelena wonder who else is coming
Butterflykiss7963: i'm not sure
Keelena goes and opens the door and smiles with a gasp
Keelena aunt Yuuki!
Savitar gets up and walks over to alex and talks very quietly to him. "don't believe santa exists eh?"
Butterflykiss7963 Violet: comes down stairs with her hair up wearing a pink dress
Butterflykiss7963 Alex: 'no not really"
Keelena Yuuki: waves with a smile. "hi Keelena"
Keelena hugs her tightly
Butterflykiss7963 Kaname: walks up next to Yuuki with his soft smile "hello Keelena"
Keelena hello Uncle Kaname
Keelena hugs him
Butterflykiss7963 Kaname: hugs back
Savitar puts his arm around him and they both disappear reappearing in a factory of elves "now what do you think?"
Keelena come in
Keelena steps back
Butterflykiss7963: Alex: *jaw drops* noooo no no no
Keelena Yuuki: walks in, seeing Kain. "hello father"
Butterflykiss7963: Alex: this is a dream this isn't real this mom gettig me back for telling Arisca that
Butterflykiss7963: Kain: Yuuki! *twirles over to her* you called me father~♥
Savitar santa walks up behind alex and puts a present in his hand walking away with a jolly laugh.
Keelena Yuuki: well, I see you haven't changed *hands on her hips*
Keelena laughs a little
Keelena you're talking about Kain Cross
Keelena takes both their coats and hangs them in the closet
Butterflykiss7963: Alex: *opens it pulling out a toy soilder* .....this is what i wanted when i was 8..
Butterflykiss7963: Kaname: *chuckles*
Butterflykiss7963: Alex: he is real....
Savitar: Santa: I never forget.
Savitar: Time to go alex.
Savitar they disappear and reappear in the living room
Keelena Mayra: runs over to her mother. "momma, presents now?"
Keelena picks her up
Keelena Yuuki: aw, she looks even cuter than the picture you sent us. and she's gotten big.
Butterflykiss7963 Alex: runs to Arisca picking her up "Arisca he is real! i take it all back he's real!"
Savitar chuckles a bit and sits back down.
Butterflykiss7963: Kaname: yes she has, she a beautiful young girl
Savitar: Seeing is believing i suppose.
Butterflykiss7963: Arisca: well i knew that silly
Keelena Mayra: waves to them then looks back at her mother.
Keelena alright, just wait for aunty Kira and uncle Alex to come out
Keelena Mayra: yay!
Butterflykiss7963 gives soulus his eggnog
Savitar takes it.
Savitar: Thank you
Butterflykiss7963: sorry it took so long had a bit a of trouble finding it lol
Keelena Sebastian, bring Kairi over so my aunt and uncle can meet her.
Butterflykiss7963: you're welcome
Savitar: oh its fine...its fine...i found...
Savitar looks at alex
Savitar: something to preoccupy me
Butterflykiss7963 Alex: spazzing to arisca about santa
Butterflykiss7963 looks at Alex
Keelena should've brought Kazou with you Soulus. he's the same as Alex.
Butterflykiss7963: oh my you had my son meet the joly man huh?
Butterflykiss7963 Kazou: sits down with Arisca listening to Alex's spazz moment
Savitar: bingo...and don't worry kee...kazous next.
Butterflykiss7963 Sebastian: brings out Kairi to meet yuuki and kaname
Keelena Yuuki: you had another one?!
Keelena yeah, this is Kairi
Keelena Yuuki: she's adorable! can I hold her?
Butterflykiss7963: Sebastian: of course *hands Kairi to Yuuki*
Keelena Yuuki: holds her and coos over her.
Keelena smiles
Keelena Mayra: presents momma!
Keelena still have to wait for uncle Alex
Butterflykiss7963 Alexander: comes out of the kitchen picking up Alfred and sits in his chair
Butterflykiss7963: Alexander: ok ok Mayra presents
Keelena Mayra: giggles and runs over to the tree
Keelena follows Mayra
Keelena slow down sweetie
Keelena Yuuki: sits down still holding Kairi. "isn't she cute Kaname?"
Butterflykiss7963 sits with Alexander
Butterflykiss7963 Kaname: "she really is" smiles
Keelena Yuuki: let's Kaname hold her
Keelena Mayra: sits near Soulus and waits.
Keelena Sebastian, I think it's your turn this year dear.
Butterflykiss7963 Sebastian: hands Mayra's hers
Butterflykiss7963: Sebastian: yes i believe it is
Keelena sits and watches
Keelena Mayra: takes her present and waits for the other kids to get theres
Keelena *theirs
Butterflykiss7963 Sebastian: hands Violet hers, alex's his, and Arisca's hers, and kazou his
Savitar sips eggnog.
Butterflykiss7963 Arisca: opens her to find a teddy bear as she hugs it
Keelena Mayra: opens her gift and pulls out a stuffed cat. giggles and hugs it
Butterflykiss7963 smiles watching them sipping hot chocolate
Butterflykiss7963 Violet: pulls out a new gun
Butterflykiss7963: Violet: OOOO!!! thank you guys!
Keelena picks up the present for Kairi and hands it to Yuuki.
Keelena Yuuki: tears a small part and let's Kairi do the rest
Butterflykiss7963 Alex: pulls out a new jacket and some daggers
Keelena Kairi: giggles, ripping the wrapping paper off. is soon holding her first teddy bear
Butterflykiss7963 Alexander: gives Alfred his as Alexander helps him open it
Keelena Mayra: notices Sebby hiding something and stands, running over to him. "what's that daddy?"
Butterflykiss7963 Alfred: opens it
Keelena looks at Mayra then at Sebastian
Butterflykiss7963 Sebastian: smiles
Butterflykiss7963: Sebastian: close your eyes
Keelena Mayra: does so
Butterflykiss7963 Alfred: gets a small stuffed lion as he plays with it
Butterflykiss7963 Sebastian: puts a small white rabbit in her lap
Keelena .....
Keelena Mayra: opens her eyes and her smile grows as she hugs the rabbit. "thank you daddy!"
Butterflykiss7963 stands and gets a gift from under the tree walking over to soulus
Keelena there's a small growl near Sebastian
Butterflykiss7963 Sebastian: "you're welcome honey"
Keelena Yuuki: oh dear...*is looking at Kee*
Butterflykiss7963: Sebastian: *feels it and turns to kee* eheh ^^'
Keelena is giving him a death glare
Keelena you got her....a rabbit....?
Butterflykiss7963: Sebastian: she wouldn't stop asking me ^^''''
Butterflykiss7963 taps soulus's shoulder
Savitar: hmmm?
Keelena keeps glaring
Butterflykiss7963 hands him a small box tied in ribbon with a green wraping
Butterflykiss7963: Marry Christmas Soulus ^^
Keelena Alexander, why are you hiding?
Keelena keeping eyes on Sebby
Savitar looks genuinly surprized and takes it.
Butterflykiss7963: Alexander: hehe cuz i helped...*muttered*
Keelena eye twitches and her glare snap to Alexander
Savitar: Thank you..you really didn't have to hehe.
Butterflykiss7963: well no one said i had to i wanted to
Butterflykiss7963 Alexander: "eep" O~O'
Keelena anyone else had a part in this?
Butterflykiss7963 Alfred: laughs at his father and aunt
Butterflykiss7963 everyone shakes their heads
Keelena Yuuki: stays quiet with a nervous smile. "yu know, my niece can be scary when she's angry" ^^"
Keelena *you
Butterflykiss7963 Arisca: goes over to Soulus giving him a box
Savitar doesn't shake his head just acts like nothings going on and sips eggnog
Butterflykiss7963: ah Christmas
Butterflykiss7963 sips her chocolate looking both nervous and happy
Keelena sis, do I have permission to kill your husband?
Butterflykiss7963: Sebastian: *gives kee her gift* I love you :D;
Butterflykiss7963: no
Keelena can I hurt him then?
Butterflykiss7963: he isn't my husband
Butterflykiss7963: eh sure why not
Keelena snatches the gift from Sebby, still glaring
Butterflykiss7963 Alexander: "....your so curl" T-T
Keelena *cruel
Butterflykiss7963: i love you too dear
Butterflykiss7963 continues to drink
Keelena opens it and sees a a silver necklace with your birth stong and chocolate dimond
Keelena .....
Keelena *her
Keelena *stone
Butterflykiss7963: (XDD)
Keelena (shut up XD)
Butterflykiss7963: (it was my typos XD)
Keelena *diamon
Butterflykiss7963: (besides i gotta go anyway.. v.v)
Keelena **diamond
Keelena (wait!)
Butterflykiss7963: (ok XD)
Keelena stands and walks over to Alexander. whacks him in the head with her rod then walks over to Sebastian and does the same thing then kisses him
Keelena (there XD)
Butterflykiss7963: (lmao XD)
Savitar: (eh?)
Butterflykiss7963 Alexander: ow *rubs his head*
Butterflykiss7963: (i gtg sadly)
Keelena that was for getting her a rabbit
Keelena and the kiss was for the necklace

RP w/ Kira, Savi, and Will

Keelena ready sis?

Keelena stands near Soulus

Butterflykiss: yes

Butterflykiss walks over to them

Savitar takes both of their hands and disappears into shadow with them...shadow flying around them very quickly before they are suddenly start to reappear, color returning to the world...they are in a dark hallway only lit by jade green flames in small stone pillars to the side a double door further down the hall he lets go of their hands and puts them in his pockets.

Keelena looks around

willotaku: owo

Butterflykiss: Sebastian: feels weird letting my wife go out to fight heh..

Butterflykiss: where are we?

Keelena Artemis: appears besides Sebastian in holograhic form. "should be used to it by now Lord Sebastian"

Savitar: Currently, we are in the Orders HQ

Butterflykiss: Sebastian: yes i know..but still i feel like i shou;d be the one to go out there fighting..nott sure

Butterflykiss: *her

Butterflykiss: i see

Savitar: come on...they're waiting for us.

Savitar starts walking forward.

Keelena Artemis: Mistress Keelena has been fighting long before she's met you.

Keelena follows Soulus

Butterflykiss walks with them

willotaku finally takes a nap

Butterflykiss Arisca: pats will's head lightly smiling

Keelena Mayra: is holding her mother's rod. she hands it to her father. "Artemis stayed behind daddy"

Butterflykiss: Sebastian: i know..still though

Butterflykiss: Sebastian: ah look at that he did

Keelena Artemis: she is with Master Soulus and Lady Kira, she will be fine.

Savitar gets to the front of the door and it opens itself, inside the room is a group of men and woman all of varying appearance...in the middle is a very old regal looking man with his eyes closed Soulus walks inside.

Butterflykiss: Sebastian; that is true

Butterflykiss looks at sis

Keelena looks at Kira

Keelena what is it?

Butterflykiss: nothing just alittle..nervous

Keelena holds her arm out to Kira. "heh, should be used to this by now

Butterflykiss takes it "heh true"

Keelena follows behind Soulus

Butterflykiss smiles slightly walking with her

Savitar as soon as they are in the doors close behind them and people seem to be staring a bit...the old man being the first to talk.

willotaku naps peacefully

Savitar: Grandmaster: This meeting has been called to determine the Orders status regarding the Golden Army situation...the leaders of every division is in attendance and will hear this case.

Butterflykiss looks at the old man

Keelena also looks at him

Savitar: Thank you Grandmaster...

Savitar turns to the two.

Savitar: if you have anything to ask me now would be the time.

Keelena looks at Kira

Butterflykiss looks at kee

Butterflykiss: no we don't

Keelena nods in agreement

Savitar: So be it...which one shall present first?

Keelena looks at Kira. "you're the Queen, Kira, it's up to you."

Butterflykiss: i've been around the army more then you have sis..i'll do it

Keelena nods

Savitar: So be it then...

Savitar Soulus turns around.

Savitar: I give the floor to Kira Read

Savitar: Grandmaster: so be it.

Butterflykiss steps forward

Savitar: Grandmaster: Present your case Ms. Read.

Butterflykiss: yes, the golden army..the golden army wishes to take over this land and then many more after it untill they take over our whole world and possblie any other worlds out there. they're evil to say the lest they've killed mahy people, burned so many villages to the ground

Butterflykiss: done awful things to the ones they have captored..

Butterflykiss: used drags and posions on anyone who gets in they're way to either force them to join or..too slowly kill them and everyone aorund then

Butterflykiss: *them around

Butterflykiss: and the amry they have..

Butterflykiss: it can stop our powers..we dont know how but they can

willotaku wakes up, has food

Butterflykiss: Violet: yup he's back to his old self

willotaku: I'm full again

Keelena Mayra: fast asleep on the couch, hugging Kon

Butterflykiss: Violet: lol

Butterflykiss Kon: hugs her back aslee[

Butterflykiss: *p

Savitar a man at the end of the table raises a hand...silver hair slicked back with lavender and green eyes.

Savitar: Reaver: I have a concern...what have they done...if anything at all...to the world of creatures?

Butterflykiss Kiku: smiles

willotaku only joking, clears the fridge, freezer, pantries, cupboards, and closets out

willotaku: yummy~

willotaku: still hungry

willotaku: (XDDD I'm totally back to normal)

Keelena in Will's mind. "William! you are dead when we get home!"

Butterflykiss: (XDD)

Keelena (XDD)

Savitar: (what do you have alarms on the food in that house?)

Butterflykiss: just this week they have attacked the Sterling family of vampires

Butterflykiss: (XDDD)

willotaku "Get your knickers out of a twist, I'll get more"

Keelena (you could say someone ratted on him)

willotaku: (Mayra)

Keelena "you better!"

willotaku: ":P"

Keelena (she's fast asleep

Keelena )

willotaku *":P"

willotaku: (Vi)

Keelena (nope)

Savitar reaver sits back and thinks.

Butterflykiss: (Sebastian: me |D_

willotaku: (I'm going to get you for that >B( )

Keelena (Artemis: and me)

Savitar: Reaver: The Sterlings...hmmm...i see...but was this or was this not a provoked response?

Keelena no it wasn't

willotaku: (...you bastards!)

willotaku: (*used high voice*)

Butterflykiss: none provoked. they wanted the castle and the money

Butterflykiss: (Sebastian: |D)

Savitar: Reaver: so they have attacked unprovoked...that would mean this is not mearly a human affair...

Savitar a woman speaks up.

Savitar: Amelia: which works to their favor Reaver.

Savitar: Reaver: hmmm, indeed it does.

Butterflykiss eyes glow deep purple as Kiku watches from my eyes

Keelena steps forward, stand besides Kira

Keelena there is someone pulling the strings

Butterflykiss: yes...

Savitar the voice of lazarus rings out.

Savitar: Lazarus: I have concerns on a more practical matter...are they human? creature? how is it they can block powers and more importantly...if they can...how would Judges fair against them?...do they have weak points?

Keelena in Kira's mind. "Koba is so much better at explaining things..."

Butterflykiss "yes he is"

Butterflykiss: i know of three weak spots

Butterflykiss: the neck, junts of the legs and arms

Butterflykiss: as far as i know they are human...

Butterflykiss: and how they can block the pwoer we unsure of

Savitar: From limited experience...i do know they can be killed...their immunity doesn't seem to extend to our weapons...as for soul manipulations...varied results.

Savitar: Lazarus: I see...hmmm...it...doesn't sound impossible...but it would require trail, error, and allot of data accumulation over the course of battles.

willotaku: (brb)

willotaku went away.

Butterflykiss: (kk)

Butterflykiss lowers her head alittle

Savitar: Grandmaster: I see...i do have a personal question of my own...what do you believe the potential danger to the first and second world would be.

Butterflykiss: it woulg grave...they wont stop and they're growing day by day

Butterflykiss: *would

Butterflykiss: be*

Savitar: Grandmaster: I see...have you anything else to ask leaders?

willotaku: (back)

willotaku came back.

Savitar no one says a word.

willotaku: (btw, vix is on)

Keelena (k)

Butterflykiss: (wb)

willotaku: (ty)

Butterflykiss: ...

Butterflykiss: yes

Savitar: Grandmaster: Have you anything left to say?

Butterflykiss: i know of one.

Butterflykiss (pulls triger)

Keelena (phail sis XD)

Butterflykiss: (stupid mind)

Keelena we know who is leading the Golden Army

Butterflykiss looks at Kee

Keelena there was three. but, thanks to Soulus's help, two are dead, leaving only one.

Keelena looks at Kira

Butterflykiss: yes..

willotaku gets fast food, still hungry

Butterflykiss Violet; oh yeah he's back to normal

willotaku gives Vi fast food

Butterflykiss Arisca: tugs on his shirt "can i have a nugeet pwease?"

Butterflykiss Violet: noms "twank wou"

Keelena "they have to know Kira..."

Butterflykiss "yes i know.."

willotaku: You're welcome ^^

Butterflykiss: they're leader is Nadia Read.

Butterflykiss: *their

willotaku: (dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun)

Keelena holds Kira's hand in a comfort manner

Keelena (shut up fatty XD)

willotaku: (*still only weighs 165.5 lbs.*)

Savitar: Grandmaster: I see, I take it this relation is why you hesitated.

Butterflykiss: (XD)

Butterflykiss: slightly yes..

Butterflykiss Violet: tugs on will's shirt again "uncle will.."

willotaku: hmm?

willotaku looks at Vi

Savitar: Grandmaster: Hmmm...we shall deliberate if your case is rested.

Butterflykiss Violet: shakes her head "Arisca wants a nugget"

willotaku: ah ^^

Butterflykiss: yes case is rested

willotaku gives Arisca chicken nuggets

Savitar: So be it the...

Keelena suddenly grips Kira's hand as if in pain. "Kira...w-we have to leave...now..."

Butterflykiss Arisca: "thank you uncle will" she says in a very soft cute tone

willotaku: you're welcome ^_^

Butterflykiss: nani?

Butterflykiss nods

Butterflykiss: ok

Savitar a bang comes from the door almost...pressured but faint..."I..I need to talk t-to the grandmaster..." You hear a cough...and the door opens...a bloodied man limps in.

Savitar: Grandmaster: What...what is the meaning of this Kelvin...what happened to you...

Keelena leans on Kira, still gripping her hand. "K-Kira...

Butterflykiss holds onto kee

Savitar: Kelvin:...s-sorry to burst i-in...outpost t-tw-twelve...we were...a-attacked...

Savitar Kelvin falls to the ground onto his knees as Lazarus hops up and goes to heal the man.

Keelena gasps slightly as her eyes start to turn white

willotaku: ^^

Butterflykiss looks at her "oh no.."

Savitar Soulus looks at the two and his eyes widen a bit.

Keelena starts to collapse

Savitar: grandmaster i request a brief intermission because of this recent turn of events...

Savitar: Grandmaster: hmmm yes...granted...

Savitar Soulus grabs the two and flashes out in shadow they appear in a room

Butterflykiss: another one..

Keelena falls to her knees, gasping as if she couldn't breathe

Savitar picks Kee up and places her on a couch.

Savitar: That...was close...

Keelena grips Soulus's arms

Keelena M-Mayra...

Butterflykiss looks down a bit holding on to kee still

Butterflykiss Kiku: "your highness...shall I?"

Keelena s-someone's....

Keelena bloody tears fall

Keelena someone's....t-there....

willotaku: (brb)

willotaku went away.

willotaku: (getting food)

Butterflykiss: (ok XD)

Butterflykiss "yes Kiku..go ahead..you're more powerful then i am"

Keelena tightens a grips on both of them, Kira's hand and Soulus's arm, as she cries a little. her eyes now blood-shooted

Butterflykiss eye glow deep purple as hair grows longer and silver alone with skin

Butterflykiss: shall i go to the house?

Keelena gasps more in pain as she cries out. "Golden Army..."

Butterflykiss lays kee down on the couch

Butterflykiss: i'm going there now

Keelena Mayra: wakes and sits up, looking towards the door.

Keelena Mayra: daddy...someone's coming...

Butterflykiss Alex: walks throw a portal with Alfred in his arms

Butterflykiss Sebastian: picks Mayra up

Butterflykiss: Alexander: wil this never end?

Keelena Mayra: and I felt momma's pain. *looks at Sebastian*

Butterflykiss Kazou: grabs Kairi following Alex

Butterflykiss: Sebastian: this isn't good

Keelena a hooded-figure walks towards the house along with a second.

Butterflykiss "this will be fun da?"

Keelena the figure nods. "kill the adults, take the kids. very fun indeed."

willotaku: (still away, didn't want inactivity)

Butterflykiss ???: "just as leader said da"

Keelena eyes start to turn normal as she lays there crying.

Keelena ??: "yes, just as she said."

Butterflykiss looks at kee

Butterflykiss: i'll be going now cover for her highness

Butterflykiss walks out the door

Keelena lays there, breathing heavily

Keelena t-the kids...

Butterflykiss: Arisca: *grabs Mayra's hand* leave...

Keelena Mayra: ok...

Savitar: Kiku's on it.

Keelena looks at Soulus, her face covered with blood

Butterflykiss Arisca: opens a small portal herself holding onto Mayra's hand tight

Butterflykiss: Sebastian: *pulls out daggers*

Keelena the door flies open and they walk in. "oh, i'm sorry, i guess i should've knocked."

willotaku: (back)

willotaku came back.

Butterflykiss: (wb)

Keelena (wb)

willotaku: (ty)

willotaku: (ty)

Butterflykiss: ???: you will lose da

willotaku: (I used a Mr. Coffee to make tea)

Butterflykiss Alexander: pulls out his sword

willotaku unsheathes swords and lightsabers

Keelena ??: yes, they will. now, give us the children.

Butterflykiss Arisca: runs through the portal holding mayra's hand

Butterflykiss: (did it work? XD)

Keelena Mayra: follows her

willotaku: No we won't da

Butterflykiss: Sebastian: not a chance

Keelena ??: oh, you mocked her, she doesn't like that.

willotaku: too fracking bad

Keelena she smirks under her hood as she looks at the other

Savitar Justice flys out of the rafters blades coming down on top of them.

Savitar: Plus...i left a little something back at the house...

Keelena the figure dodges

Keelena Justice...

Keelena groans a little as she sits up, holding her head

Butterflykiss: ???: *pulls out a pipe and runs at will hitting him with it* you vill not make fun of mother Russia!

Butterflykiss Kiku: appears in the house holding a long sword

willotaku blocks with swords, cuts the pipe with lightsabers

Savitar Justice rolls as he lands and gets back up snapping his neck...the shadows covering him...looking far thicker and turbulent than usual.

Keelena ??: *pulls out a long-bladded dagger* told you she doesn't like that. *jumps at Sebastian*

Butterflykiss: Kiku: if i were you i'd leave before her highness wakes up.

willotaku: I'll mock Russia if I vant too

Butterflykiss Sebastian: kicks her and throws some dagger at her

Butterflykiss ???: pulls out a bomb taking out safety pin throwing it at will

Keelena ??: dodges and slashes at him, cuts his arm

willotaku hits it back like a baseball

Butterflykiss Sebastian: throws one pure black dagger att her as it forms into about 80 of them

Keelena smirks as they stop and turns, flying at him instead

Keelena *??;

Butterflykiss ??: vanishes as it explodes and reappears head butting will

willotaku figure grips her head, I stand firm

Butterflykiss Sebastian: does a flip to the side and dodges

Butterflykiss: Alexander: oh that wasn't gay at all bro

willotaku: thick skull da?

Butterflykiss: ???: *kicks you in the balls*

Keelena (XDDD)

willotaku *clang!!!!*

Keelena (*falls off bed lmfao*)

Butterflykiss: ???: ....no men in Russia have that...

willotaku: I'm not from Russia

willotaku: I wear protection!

willotaku: (*shot*)

Butterflykiss ???: smirks putting a bomb in his pocket and vaishes once again

Butterflykiss: (omg XD)

willotaku taps the figure's shoulder

willotaku: this belong to you?

Keelena ??: is suddenly close to Sebastian, hand around his throat. "we just want, the children"

willotaku hands the bomb back

Butterflykiss Kiku: eyes turns yellow and black

Butterflykiss: Kiku: oh dear..she's woken up.

Keelena ??: and that means all of them

Butterflykiss Sebastian: "never!"

Butterflykiss a mask grows on her face one that is close to skull

Butterflykiss: Sebastian: alex..

Butterflykiss: Alexander: shit..

Butterflykiss lets a out a scream that breaks all of the glass

willotaku: AH!

willotaku: My EARS!

Keelena ??: stabs Sebastian in the cut the lounges at Alexander. "deal with her now! before she fully changes!"

Keelena *gut

Butterflykiss Alexander: swings his sword at her

Keelena (oh i do NOT feel like doing typos tonight)

willotaku: (then let me fix them!)

Butterflykiss ???: rushes at me with a dagger

willotaku: (it's me job)

Savitar Justice looks at Kira and rushes forward fusing into her...his turbulent shadow armor covering her and blades now in her hands.

Butterflykiss flash steps and grabs her by the throat crazed look on face before chrushing it blood falling on the floor

Butterflykiss shakes it off

willotaku: crap

Butterflykiss: thanks Justice

Keelena ??: keeps slashing at Alexander then stops and looks at Kira. "...damn, she killed Helna...time to report back..." throws one of her daggers into Alexander's legs then vanishes in a black smoke.

Butterflykiss Alexander: ppulls it out and goes to Sebastian healing him

Butterflykiss: you will not get away from me!

Butterflykiss vanishes

Keelena Artemis: appears. "the figure is gone, I don't sense her anywhere."

Butterflykiss: Alexander: Kira...

willotaku takes the Helna woman from Kira and tries to find out what I can about them

Butterflykiss screams once again

Keelena looks like she's in deep thought then sighs. and speaks out loud. "thank you Artemis..." looks at Soulus.

Butterflykiss: come out so i can kill you!!!!!

Butterflykiss Kiku: "calm down"

willotaku: (I'm gonna transfer what I got from the dead one to either Sebby or Alexander)

Keelena Artemis says...that Kira has awaken....

Butterflykiss: shut up! she tried to take my childern away!

Butterflykiss: (ok! :D)

willotaku: *children

Butterflykiss: (ty~)

Savitar: Hmmm, i see.

Keelena (*loves the mood change with kira* XD)

willotaku: (yw~)

willotaku: (XDD)

Butterflykiss Kiku: "...fine do what you want"

Keelena takes out a hankerchief and wipes whatever blood hadn't dried off her face

Butterflykiss: where are you?!?!?! get out here now!

Keelena the children are safe though...

Butterflykiss ground starts the break slightly

Keelena Artemis: Master Sebastian, I'm afraid we will need my Mistress to bring Lady Kira back to herself. she will have to use Cerberus again.

Butterflykiss kiku: "are you really going to use the power that the doktor forced on you?"

Savitar Justice: calm yourself Kira...this is no longer Justice...this is Wrath...pure vegenance and hatred...this isint...you...

Butterflykiss breathes

willotaku gets up, latches onto Sebastian and transfers all I learned to him

Keelena looks at Soulus with worried eyes.

Keelena I have to get to Kira

Butterflykiss: Sebastian: whoa weird feeling e.e'

willotaku: you're telling me

Butterflykiss: no i dont care Justice! i want her blood!

Savitar: (awkward man hug...the award goes to...lol)

Butterflykiss: (XDDD)

Keelena (XD)

willotaku washes mouth out with soup

willotaku: *soap

Butterflykiss: (..i'm scared to know.. XDDD)

Keelena (me too XD)

willotaku: always feels like I made out with the person I transfer stuff to

willotaku: and I don't know how kee can stand the taste XP

Savitar soulus grabs her shoulder and disappears into shadow reappearing in the house.

Keelena Artemis: whacks Will upside the head.

willotaku: (XDD)

Keelena where is she?

willotaku *clang!*

willotaku: over here

Butterflykiss: Sebastian: what?! D<

Savitar: (okay...retract that...awkward man kiss...yep...you definately get the award hah.)

Keelena Artemis: shows Will his metal hand

Butterflykiss: (XDD)

willotaku: I have a metal head :P

Keelena (*falls off the bed again, lmfao!*)

Butterflykiss: (you sure do brother you sure do.. XD)

willotaku: dude, you need tic-tacs

Keelena Will! not now!

Keelena where is she!?

willotaku: XDD

Butterflykiss: Sebastian: WHAT?!?! D<

willotaku: *()

Keelena stares at Will, angrily, face still has dried blood on it

Butterflykiss screams again falling to the ground

willotaku: shush, tell Kee what happened and what I transfer

Keelena turns then runs to Kira

willotaku: *ed

Butterflykiss: Alexander: forest not that far off

Butterflykiss: Sebastian: your on to talk tuna breath...

Butterflykiss: *one

Keelena Artemis: it seems my mistress has had more visions tonight

Butterflykiss: Sebastian: yeah..

Savitar looks at will and sebastian curiously.

willotaku: I don't eat tuna

Keelena her runs turns into flashes as she smells Kira's scent. she pulls out Cerberus

Butterflykiss Kiku: "alfred woud be scared of you right now...jsut let it go for a while"

Keelena Kira!

Savitar: I get the feeling i missed something truly comical.

Butterflykiss: Sebastian: well it sure as hell taste like it!

Keelena standing in front of her, gun pointed.

willotaku: right, we'll b*tch later

willotaku: right now we need to focus

willotaku: (I just acted mature, whoa~)

Butterflykiss: kol...i want her blood..i want her blood!

Keelena Mayra: Savi is back! *runs out of Arisca's portal and to Soulus*

Butterflykiss: (omg~)

Butterflykiss Arisca: shivesr

Butterflykiss: Arisca: mommy...

Savitar: (waits for the meteor to fall and destroy the world)

Keelena Kira! that's enough! think of the children! think of Alfred!

Keelena cocks the gun, ready to shot

Butterflykiss grips the ground for a moment before punching mask

Keelena *shoot

Keelena Kira look at me!

Butterflykiss looks at you

Keelena smirks a little "say cheese sis..." pulls the trigger, shooting the mask

Butterflykiss screams pulling the mask off

Butterflykiss mask breaks as i lay on the ground breathing heavily

Butterflykiss: (gtg in 5 minutes)

willotaku: (aw, same)

Butterflykiss: hehe..that was lame sis

Keelena still weak from the vision, she walks over to Kira, dropping the gun and falling at her side with a small laugh

Keelena wanted...to make you...laguh...

Keelena *laugh

Butterflykiss looks at her looking drained herself

Butterflykiss: well it worked hehe...

Keelena good...

Keelena is suddenly laying next to Kira, looking up

Keelena stars are out tonight...heh...

willotaku: Kee, your husband tastes like old prunes and fish, just saying

Savitar justice unbonds and looks almost sick before falling to the ground.

Butterflykiss: Sebastian: I DO NOT!!!

willotaku: (what timing XDDD)

Butterflykiss looks at Justice

Butterflykiss: are you alright?...

Butterflykiss: (XDD)

Savitar coughs up some black substance that disappears as it hits the ground.

Savitar: Justice: y-yeah...

Keelena that...didn't affect you when....i shot the mask off...did it?

Butterflykiss: sorry for all that...

Keelena looks over at him as she sits up slowly

Savitar: Justice: C-corruption...oh my head hurts...

Savitar justice passes out.

Keelena better...contact the...guys...

Keelena leans on Kira

Keelena sis...next time you wanna go all mask girl...make sure i'm with you....

willotaku: hi

Keelena looks up at Will and weakly smiles

Butterflykiss smiles holding Kee

Butterflykiss: hehe yeah..

Butterflykiss: hey onii-chan

Butterflykiss: (i gtg xD)

Keelena and you...you better run...before we get our...stength back

Keelena (aw XD)

Savitar: (Laterz)

Butterflykiss: (*hugs you all* goodnight i love you guys)

Butterflykiss left the room. (Logged out)

willotaku: (crap, missed)

Keelena (don't even give us a chance...YOU B-*shot*)

willotaku: (Y-*shot*)

willotaku: (DAMN YOU EVIL MONKEY!)

Keelena (you don't even get a word in XD)

willotaku: (-.-)

Rp with nin, Kira, Nick and Will

ninjaking: so that would be a no........?
Keelena no what?
ninjaking: to a battle any one
ninjaking: ?
Keelena what kind?
ninjaking: i dont care
Butterflykiss came back.
ninjaking: its been i while and i feel rusty
Butterflykiss: i'll fight you nin
willotaku: wb
Butterflykiss: ty
willotaku: yw
Keelena ...or Kira could fight you
ninjaking: ....or both
Butterflykiss: yeah xD
Keelena two on one?
ninjaking: why not
Keelena hm...
Keelena looks at Nick. "will you watch?"
Butterflykiss ties hair back
SirAngelo: well, i'm on, i suppose i coiuld
Keelena smiles and kisses him then stands, putting hair up
ninjaking drops in from the sky facing them both
Butterflykiss straps on heels and stands holding gun
Keelena pulls out Cerberus and stands besides Kira
Butterflykiss: ready when you are sis
ninjaking pulls out my zan. and my lightsaber
Butterflykiss: oh how he loves the lightsaber~
ninjaking: (thanks again will >D)
Butterflykiss: (XDDD)
Keelena can we kill Will after this for the lightsabers
willotaku: no!
Keelena loads Cerberus with unlimited amo. twirls it and points it towards nin
Butterflykiss: no we can't XD
Keelena damn
Keelena well, I'm ready
ninjaking starts to walk towards them than a dead sprint
Butterflykiss: as am I
Keelena nods at Kira then starts shooting at nin as she runs towards him
Butterflykiss pulls out whip and and flash steps shooting at nin
ninjaking starts to twirl my swords to deflect the bullets
ninjaking but still gets grazed by a few "*&^$ need to work on that more"
Butterflykiss pulls out paper bomb tossing it on the ground near nin
willotaku watches the pandemonium
Keelena puts Cerberus into it's holster, strapped to her hip, while pulling the rod from the holster strapped to her leg. swings it to make it long, eyes start glowing.
Keelena ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b­ADLw4eduO8 )
ninjaking sees it almost before its to late and flash steps away then runs toward jo and trows my lightsaber at her chest
ninjaking: throws*
Butterflykiss pulls out whip and whips it back at him
ninjaking then flash steps behind kee and kicks her in the ribs catching my lightsaber
Keelena falls to her knees only to smirk and vanishes
Butterflykiss fire a ball of fire at nin
ninjaking "hmm were did she go" and takes to the sky to get a better look
Keelena a blade of a scythe goes across his neck.
ninjaking " jo you sould know better fire has no affect on me"
Butterflykiss flash steps behind putting paper bomb on the ground at his feet
Butterflykiss: who said it was gonna hurt you?
Butterflykiss jumps into the air
ninjaking elbows kee in the same spot on her ribs i kicked and flash steps in front of her
Keelena groans a bit then flashes to him, swinging her scythe
ninjaking blocks it with my saber then swings my zan. at her gut
SirAngelo snaps his fingers and summons a trio of cheerleaders for Kee
Keelena dodges in a flash
Butterflykiss kicks off the cover of her heels off to show sharp knifes
Keelena cheerleaders?! really?!
Butterflykiss: lmao! XDDD
willotaku: [c=#298a16" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2]/me Male cheerleaders[/c]
willotaku: knew that would happen
ninjaking: lolz
Keelena /me pulls out Cerberus and shoots all three cheerleaders then flashes over to nin, dropping the gun as the scythe glows
ninjaking waits for kees or jos attack
SirAngelo: sorry for trying to help....
Keelena the glow turns into darkness seeping from it as her eyes start to change. gets close to him, swinging scythe towards his throat
Bountiful Forest joined the room.
willotaku: hi
ninjaking leans back smiling
Butterflykiss sits in the air with a smirk and touches the sky as a huge gate opens and a demons hand appears
Butterflykiss: hi
Keelena puts hand up to his face and a wave of darkness throws him bacl
Butterflykiss a huge demon comes out of the gate in chains as i stand grabing one the chain
Keelena *back
Bountiful Forest left the room. (Going to Otaku Lobby)
ninjaking catches my balance and waits for the next attack
Butterflykiss the demon howls as it runs at nin punching the ground
Keelena smirks as she walks to him, the scythe now black instead of silver. as she gets close to him, she looks up, showing pitch black eyes. she twirls the scythe then flash steps to him, swinging at him.
ninjaking watches her scythe come towards me
ninjaking and the demon run at me
Butterflykiss: (brb gotta give the dog her meds*
ninjaking: k
Keelena (aw come on sis XD)
willotaku: (okay)
SirAngelo holds up a sign that says "Go Kee!"
Keelena looks at Nick for a second the back at nin, smirking and swinging
ninjaking looks at kee smirking
Keelena grabs hold of his throat and squeezes
ninjaking still smirking
Keelena hm...what to do...snap your neck...keep squeezing till you can't breathe....or bite....heh. what to do what to do...
ninjaking suddenly they are surrounded by a gaint ball of fire from which there is no escape
Butterflykiss: (back untill mom gets done eating)
ninjaking " do what you like you touching me is what i need, you when you grabed me i took some of ur SP and mixed it a little with this ball so it repeals any of ur attacks and makes it harder to escape as it keeps getting small every min. you have 10 min left." then turns to dust
willotaku: (wb)
Keelena bares her fangs as she looks around.
ninjaking appears above "have fun" then flys towards jo
Butterflykiss the gate opens again as a pare of jaws flies at nin
ninjaking splits them in half then flash steps behind her and cuts at her back
Keelena crouches down low then pushes herself up off the ground, flying towards the top.
Keelena idiot....one of my elements is fire...
Butterflykiss flash steps behind him turning gun into moon scyth
Butterflykiss a bit of blood drips from back
Butterflykiss: you can't harm the queen my friend
Keelena appears next to Kira
Butterflykiss swings scyth at nin as the cut on back heals
ninjaking turns to block it
Keelena flashes behind nin and scratches at his back
Butterflykiss kicks at nin with blade on heel
ninjaking is hit by both then fall to the ground
willotaku: dang
Butterflykiss glances at sis sliding down to the ground leaving the gate
Butterflykiss holds scyth over nin
Keelena stares at Kira with a smirk
Butterflykiss: had enough?
ninjaking opens eyes and smiles as i sink into the ground
Butterflykiss shakes a head alittle
ninjaking and where i was several paper bombs a about to go off were i was laying
Butterflykiss flash steps just in time
Butterflykiss: damn..
Butterflykiss looks around griping scyth tight
ninjaking jumpes out from the ground behind jo and round house kicks her in the head then disappears back to the ground
Keelena looks around as well, crouching
Keelena i smell you...hehe...
Butterflykiss falls face first
Butterflykiss: ow!
Butterflykiss gets up eyes glowing blood red
willotaku: .w.
ninjaking my voice echos everywhere " r sure its me or just another trap....hahah"
Keelena oh no no no, i can tell if it's a trap and if it's real....hehe...
Butterflykiss looks at kee
Keelena right now....i smell you....and i smell a trap...
ninjaking: we shall see
Butterflykiss: i dont like this..
Keelena but...which is which I wonder...
Keelena picks up and rock and throws it across the ground
Butterflykiss stands and flies near the gate
ninjaking shoots out of the ground but before kee can fallow me hands grab her and start to pull her down well i throw two explosive kuni on either side of her
Keelena smirks as she pulls him back out and kicks him into a tree then flashes to him and pins him to the tree, smirking
Keelena nice try...hehehe...
ninjaking: hmmm quiet the predicament
Butterflykiss Winter and Snow: growl as their fur on back goes up
Keelena holds a dagger to his throat, smirking more
ninjaking smiles "hmmm yes well, draco!!" and my swords stabs us both to the tree
Keelena eyes widen as she gasp, blood coming fron her mouth
SirAngelo: wait...this is two on one? against a lady?
willotaku: I've lost count
willotaku: it was kee and kira against nin, and then I don't know wth happened
Butterflykiss stays in the sky watching
Butterflykiss: this isn't right
Keelena looks down then suddenly laughs
ninjaking pushes her off me as my sword stays in her "well i hate to do this but phoenixes plight" as the sword bonds to her entire body
Keelena laughs more
ninjaking " this might hurt a little" and she starts to turn to ash
willotaku: uh...
willotaku: aren't we going overboard?
Keelena looks up at nin, then turns into smoke
Butterflykiss: nin stop this! somethings wrong here!
ninjaking: yes
Keelena yes nin, do stop
SirAngelo: jesus....
Keelena stands behind nin
Butterflykiss Snow and Winter: attack kee
Keelena looks at them and they both fly back
willotaku: oh not again
Butterflykiss: Snow Winter!
ninjaking: what is going on
willotaku goes into kee's mind and seals her dark form, Again
Keelena blocks will
willotaku: what the
Butterflykiss holds hand on gate
Butterflykiss: oh boy..
willotaku: she blocked me...
willotaku: how the hell did she manage that?!
Keelena walks closer to nin
Keelena and now
ninjaking grabes sword and runs to jo "whats going on" anyone
Keelena black Artemis reappears in her hand
ninjaking stand next to jo "well"
Keelena the fun ends...here!
SirAngelo walks up to her, standing in front of her
Keelena stops and looks at him
Butterflykiss looks at nin
SirAngelo: Evening
Butterflykiss: her darkside took over..again
ninjaking: fun
ninjaking Bankai " just incase"
Keelena heh...i'm saving you for last...
Keelena vanishes
SirAngelo: hey guys....have you ever thought, oh, i dunno....cool down the intensity of your fights so this doesn't happen!?
ninjaking: just wondering im i responsible for this
willotaku: yes
Keelena a blade goes through nin's back and out of his gut
willotaku: tonight anyway
Keelena and i thank you for that...
willotaku oi! snap out of it!
Butterflykiss: nin!
Butterflykiss grabs on to him
Butterflykiss eyes turn yellow as a red aura flows around her
ninjaking coughs up blood
ninjaking but stands back up
Keelena pulls the sword out of him and it turns back into a scythe
SirAngelo takes out a fancy belt buckle and a card. The belt straps onto him, as he inserts the card, calling out "Henshin". In a blast of light, he transforms into a warrior wearing silver-white armour, caped, armed with sword and shield
Butterflykiss Snow: turns into a human woman with silver hair and she grabs onto nin healing him
ninjaking and switches to dragon human from
SirAngelo: The Legend becomes Reality
Keelena swings at nin, cutting his chest
Butterflykiss Snow: vanishes his nin
SirAngelo moves in between her and Nin, holding up his shield
SirAngelo: I think I should be first
ninjaking "dragon aromer should block most of it im fine"
Keelena looks at him and bares fangs, smirking
Keelena as you wish
Butterflykiss her eyes still glowing
SirAngelo inserts another card into his belt, transforming again. His armour turns bluish-white, a larger horn jutting from his helmet, and wielding a spear. His belt calls out "Unicorn!" as he changed
Butterflykiss gasps as they flash purple
Butterflykiss: mother...
SirAngelo slams the butt of his spear into her gut
Keelena dodges in a flash then swings artemis at him
ninjaking runs in to join the fight
SirAngelo moves his horn so the staff its it, encasing Artemis entirely in ice, swings the spear again
Butterflykiss Snow: lets him
willotaku looks at the Kamen Rider
willotaku: ...
Butterflykiss falls to her knees
Keelena pulls him close to her, whispering in his ear. "careful not to break it" vanishes and reappaers, kicking him in the back
willotaku uses a Super Sentai morpher
SirAngelo stumbles back, jabbing the spear at her repeatedly
Butterflykiss: S-Snow..Winter..
Keelena dodges him
Butterflykiss Winter comes to me still in here wolf form
ninjaking runs behind her and restrans her "hurry do what you got to do well i ccan hold her"
Keelena you want her back that badly? your love?
Keelena doesn't struggle
SirAngelo doesn't answer, instead firing a ray of ice at her feet
willotaku: ....
SirAngelo folds his lance into a gun, inserting a card into it. His belt loudly announces "Unicorn Hissatsu!"
Butterflykiss screams as a pair of bone wings burst from back
willotaku: wtf, why don't you just let the lips do the talking and get it over with? Sheesh, true love and all that
Keelena William, what happens when you freeze metal?
Keelena smirks more, staring at Angelo
SirAngelo: Spirits of evil who contaminate my real will end. Dark spirit, in the name of Legend I seal you!
SirAngelo fires the gun
willotaku: or do that
ninjaking "hmmm yes well im busy her but whats up with jo!!??"
Butterflykiss: Snow: the doktors posion
willotaku: oh bloody hell
SirAngelo: I'm not going to kill her, all my Hissatsu's are designed to seal away dark spirits possessing things
Butterflykiss the bones start to grow wings
Butterflykiss: *feathers
Keelena laughs as eyes flashes
willotaku: I know that
Keelena either way, you still lose.
Butterflykiss sighs
Butterflykiss wings break
Butterflykiss: oh --- this
Keelena collapses
SirAngelo pulls the card out of his gun, revealing it has the image of Keelena's dark form on it
Butterflykiss slams sycth into the ground
ninjaking hands her to jo sprites so they can heal her
Keelena there's a sound of cracking behind them
Butterflykiss sycth breaks
Butterflykiss: you know..
Butterflykiss: no
Butterflykiss: you do it
Butterflykiss: i'm going to romaina
Butterflykiss walks through portal
ninjaking: ?!?!?
SirAngelo: I sealed her away, she won't be bothering us so long as she remains sealed
Butterflykiss: you do it
Butterflykiss: i'm done
Butterflykiss close portal'
willotaku: I'll take that
SirAngelo detransforms and gives the card to Will
willotaku takes card and hides it away where no one ever finds it
ninjaking walks to jo "whats up"
SirAngelo: After encountering that....thing before, I developed the Fabul Rider System just for her
Butterflykiss: (meds brb)
Butterflykiss went away.
willotaku then seals the memory of the location so good that no one will ever find out about it
willotaku: there
ninjaking: hmmm yes well that would have been a good heads up "oh dont fight to hard or her darker half comes out" thanks guys
SirAngelo: I'll seal her away again if need be. She didn't see half the tricks Fabul has. And since I've been obsessed with it, I Have a whole lot more Drivers handy
willotaku: sorry
SirAngelo goes to Artemis, takes out a card and places it over it, defrosting it
willotaku unmorphs from Goranger form
SirAngelo: you have a Mobirate or something?
ninjaking: ts fine now i know
willotaku: hmm? oh the morpher
Keelena the scythe turns back into a rod
willotaku: I meant Goukaiger
willotaku: ^^; the pirate one
SirAngelo: so you do have a Mobirate. Or are you Silver?
willotaku: Red actually
willotaku you need to chill dude, i was having fun and i was waiting to see if it would get nick to jump in. jeez. you fun killer DX
SirAngelo puts another card on Artemis, slowly repairing the cracks
SirAngelo: you have a complete set of Ranger Keys?
ILuvTurtles joined the room.
ninjaking goes to check on kee to make sure shes healing alright
willotaku I'm not the only one that was getting upset by it
ILuvTurtles left the room. (Logged out)
willotaku: yes I do
ninjaking goes back to human from on my way there
SirAngelo: all 199?
Keelena there's not one cut or scar on her. as if it never happened.
willotaku Kira?
willotaku: yes
SirAngelo: oh, so you don't have a complete set~
willotaku was starting to
willotaku holds the 200th~
willotaku should've flipping said something. hate when she does that
SirAngelo: nope, I meant you're missing the Keys for Space Sheriff Gavan, RedBuster, BlueBuster, and YellowBuster
ninjaking: how did we go to epic battle to power rangers
willotaku we didn't want to upset you, or get you well, pissed at us ^^'''
Keelena sits up, holding head.
willotaku: don't question it, go with it
willotaku: oh those
SirAngelo goes to Kee, kneeling next to her
Keelena looks at ang
Keelena who won?
willotaku: it was a tie
SirAngelo: yeah, a draw
ninjaking: yep good fight
Keelena really?
willotaku: you mean the robots?
SirAngelo: you both sort of knocked each other out with the last shot
Keelena heh, i don't remember
ninjaking: yep
SirAngelo: you talking to me, Will?
ninjaking: yea that tends to happen
willotaku: yes nick
Butterflykiss came back.
SirAngelo: The Busters are the core three for the next Sentai, Tokumei Sentai Gobuster
Keelena babe, how'd you get a cut on your neck?
willotaku: really?
SirAngelo: mhmm, I'll find you the press release
Butterflykiss walks into castle walking by people as they bow
Butterflykiss: Luna: good to have you back your highness
SirAngelo: oh, this? one of Nin's projectiles had a bad bounce, nicked me by mistake
ninjaking: well that was an epic battle but i need to go to bed night everyone
willotaku: (wb kira)
Butterflykiss: (ty)
ninjaking left the room. (Logged out)
willotaku: (yw)
Butterflykiss goes to room with a crib and smiles
SirAngelo: Will
SirAngelo: http://www.jefusion.com/2011/12/­tokumei-sentai-gobusters-story-­revealed.html
Keelena should be more careful
SirAngelo: http://www.jefusion.com/2011/12/­tokumei-sentai-gobusters-reveal­ed.html
willotaku: yeah, I saw, they look like robots
willotaku: http://powerrangers.wikia.com/wi­ki/Tokumei_Sentai_Go-Busters
SirAngelo: I think the spy theme comes across in the outfit
Butterflykiss picks up a baby from it and sits down in a chair holding him
willotaku: that too
SirAngelo: next fight on the card is gonna finally be me and my love =p
Keelena heh, promise?
willotaku: owo
SirAngelo "mhmm~ I'm not gonna hold back either, I got plenty of tricks in my" pats a metal briefcase "little friend here"
Keelena heh, wouldn't want you too
Keelena *to
Butterflykiss: my dear little Alfred...i'm sorry it took so long to come home
Keelena what's with the face will?
willotaku: =w= tired
willotaku: sorta
Keelena then go to bed
Butterflykiss Luna: sits by me ""my lady its good to have you back young master Alfred hasn't stoped crying till now"
Keelena stands and stretches
SirAngelo huggles her while she stretches
Keelena laughs a little and huggles him back
Butterflykiss a little baby boy with blue eyes and a light brown hair sleep in my arms

Kazou Michaelis

age 10?

power: ????

Kazou is a smart and quiet little boy, he manly plays alone in his room seeming to be unaware of whats happening around him even though he does, why she chouse to stay out of it his own little secret other then that he does love his family very much, he is closets to his cusin Alex Sterling and his sister Mayra