Here's a world dedicated to HulaBerry32
Here will be for people who think she is amazing!

We are going to share things we love about her, share her best work, and point out what it is about it we love!

Guest posters so far


sneaks behind Hula-Hula "Congrats, nice person!" shoots Hula with confetti cannon, then helps her back to her feet "Sweet. You gotta get one of these." points at confetti cannon Well, now that that's over, ...

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I`m glad that you`re feeling better. I`m thinking you may want to get into writing or something. I do enjoy reading your updates when I get a chance. I can`t wait to hear from you again.

Just a few words

Well, since this amazing world was created, I guess that it was time that I also say some words to a person that it is dedicated to. And that is Brooke (Hulaberry32). She is an amazing person, always sweet and always ready to help you in any...

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And this goes to

And this goes to her Boy Friend. LightFykki

I just wanted to say, he is one of the nices guys you will ever meet, he's someone you can call a true friend. I cannot tell him how much he means to me, he as always been here for me since the day I first met him. he was one of the only who even cared to ask how I was during this hard time of having to move and there is nothing I wouldn't do to repay him for it.

This post goes to her..

I know this world is made for HulaBerry32, but I thought since I can not make a world for her lovely daughter *not real child* JanetChan, I would make a post for her here.

She's just as sweet as Hula, and ever so cute!!
The way she talks, and acts is so adrobale!1 ^-^
She's now calling me her twin, and i love that
And really I cannot find the right words to tell you how amazing she is, just thought I'd share this for you all