This Venom - Poem

"Put the razor down, I love you more than anything."
What more could you say?
The truth?
But I love these innocent lies, I love the things that break me inside
I love the pain
I love the hate
But the fake has always been my heartbreak
The venom's drove me sick
It's drove me insane
But who really notices me?
All I've ever done is run from myself
The enemy's taking over
The evil's I think are coming true
I'm that evil I've been trying so hard to banish.
But can you demolish you?
I can't destroy myself
Just let the razor kiss the innocent skin
Let it leave it's mark
Let me drown
Because I know how to save myself
I choose not to
Let the venom sink in
Lose control
Let the evil voices command your soul
I think it's best to let this nerotic psycho gain it's control
I'll never be able to find the girl that was pulled apart and broken
She died when the monster took over her soul
She gave up
And gave in
She let the venom break her down
No heart is left there now.


Well there you go :] I promised a poem
and here it is~

Comment, review, and please ignore how messy it is xD
I still have some parts I'm not satisfied with
if you have suggestions, I would love to hear themmmm