Sai and Hinata <3 one shot ;D

probably just a oneshot, cause these are my two favorite characters =]
sorry if its bad D= ive never done something like this before

Before I meet you, I was always so cold.

An emotionless doll, void of any type of feeling.

No joy, happiness, pain, sorrow. I felt nothing.

It wasn’t until one particular blonde boy helped me remember what i had long forgotten.

My brother, and the bond we once shared.

The cherry blossom girl, well she helped also in... her own way.

Only then did I feel something stir within me.

Only then, had i smiled a true smile- after faking for so long.

It was different when i found you.

You were a like breath of fresh air, while I had none.

Unknowingly you broke down all of my walls, blew away the cobwebs, and settled in with out any of my own consent.

Although, for some god forsaken reason, i didnt mind in the least.

You were my personal theif, stealing away not only my heart, but everything that i held for security.

I still didnt mind.

Because the second my charcoal eyes met your violet ones, the world stopped.

I had never seen anything like you.

So beautiful and radiant.

I always wondered why you covered you body up and hid your smooth, beautiful skin.

From a distance it looked pale as mine, but at the same time nothing alike, in the way that mine was as cold as snow, while yours was as smooth as silk and felt like the warm sunshine.

You were unlike all the other annoying woemen, with their loud and annoying personalities, that constantly fought for attention.

You shied away from the lime-light.

You thought that it would make you less noticeable, but to me it just made you stand out all the more.

You were a shy, a wallflower.

A radiant flower that shone in the moonlight, while all the others slept.

The first time I met you I was drawn to you, like paint to paper.

Together we grew, I taught you to be strong and you taught me right from wrong.

I learnt how fragile and innocent you are, how easily you could have broken. Which is why i vowed to never let you be harmed, I would gladly put my meaningless life on the line for you, if it meant you could live for just one more day.

I promised you my protection.

And now, years later, I’m in our house, laying on our bed, with your head resting peacfully on my chest.

The radio playing some cheesy song, but while listening to it, I can’t help but smile.

You found me when no one else was looking, how did you know just where I would be?

You broke through all of my confusion , the up’s and the down’s and you still didn’t leave.

I guess you just saw what nobody could see.

You saw the real me, the me that only my long gone brother had even glimpsed.

Yeah, i was more than lost. Until you righted my path, now i see it all clearly.

And now your by my side, now everything fine.

Yeah you found me.

That’s what you did Hinata Hyuuga, you found me.

You made me who I am now: Sai Hyuuga.

I always want to be by your side.

I love you so much.

And I always will.

The End
grr i suck at endings xD
and beginings
and middles
well, none the less, thanks for reading =D