January FYEcon - Casual!Zatsune
[email protected] 2011 - Miku Zatsune from Vocaloid, Luki from Dogs, Sync!Rin from Vocaloid.
April FYEcon - Matryoshka!Teto
Anime Boston 2011 - Zatsune from Vocaloid, Matryoshka!Teto, Trap!Ciel from Kuroshitsuji, Panda Hero!Miku, Ball Gown!Miku, Youji from Loveless
Connecticon 2011 - Luki from Dogs(remaking the hat and tail),SURPRISE COSPLAY <3, Youji from Loveless (will have a new wig)
May Cosplay Picnic- School Girl!Ciel
AAC 2011- SECRET COSPLAY AGAIN. Not sure of what else

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I haven't been on here in foreverrrr
Mostly I write about my days on Tumblr now...
Add me if you'd like!
Tell me your url's too xD
I love following new people

Today is my birthday!
18 years old baby!
I'm having a FANTASTIC DAY
well so far
it's surprising
Normally my birthdays are terrible
But this one just just fantastic xD
and tomorrow I'm having a birthday 'party'
really it's just a few of my really close friends coming over to eat, play video games, and mess around xD
I'm so excited! xD

Cosplays have been CRAZY lately
I have like 5 completed new ones
Like ones I never even mentioned on here xD
plus I finished the ones I /was/ working on xD
But I'll write all about that in my cosplay world xD

That's all for now!
Promise I'll be more active on here for now on xD


I'm a very jealous person.

Whenever I see my 'Best friends' hanging out with each other, it bothers me.
I know it shouldn't
But I feel like if we really were as close as they say, then why am I almost never invited to these things?
Most of the time I don't even know about them until the next day when pictures are uploaded on fb

and then of course they have other friends. People I used to be friends with, but over the years I just drifted away.

In other news I hung out with 2 people I thought I would never see outside of conventions.
That was a lot of fun~
and I bet my other friends dont care about that
So why do I always get so damn jealous over this type of thing?
Like when I call Heather and Amber is with her
Are you kidding me?
I've been best friends with you too for YEARS
and you guys just met each other recently from my birthday party
Now you're hanging out with each other
and I'm home alone
Like usual
Am I really that terrible of a person?
I just want to know what to do
I want to be 5 years old again
Just so I can cry to my mom
and not have to worry about all of this shit
too much drama

Next everyone is going to be going away to college with each other
Or going across the country
and I'll still be in this stupid town
Because I'm poor
and need a job
So it's job for at least a year, then some shitty cheap college for a couple years
It's going to be terrible.

I guess it is my fault though.
I should have never fucked up my school life.
I should have just fucking WENT everyday
Depressed or not.
If i just WENT I would have graduated with my class, and probably have gotten a scholarship. I'd be in my dream college with my fucking friend.
I'd be well on my way.
But no.
I'm an idiot who likes to ruin everything.



I look like 10 ;A;

External Image

I've decided I will never leave the house again without some form of ID that has my face/age.
I was asked if I was old enough to go to the 16+ musical panel.
Seriously guys?


Series - Kuroshitsuji
Ciel - Riska
Alois - Vanessa
Location - Connecticon 2011
Photographer - Kait

Am I really that mean?

I have these two friends. Let's call them R and F.
I'm talking to both of them right now in a party chat.
They're both talking about how they have to be listening to music/tv at all times. Including at night when they sleep.
I'm fine with this.
So I mention how I can only fall asleep when it's completely dark and silent.
That's just how I am.
My house is normally really loud and bright, so I prefer the dark and quiet for a few hours to sleep peacefully...
They then started saying I was making fun of them by saying these things...
I didnt mean to offend anyone here. I thought we were all friends, and I was just adding to the convo.
But fine. You're all 18-22.
I haven't slept with a night light since I was 10, and that was only so when I woke up during the night I could find my way to like the bathroom or whatever.

But whatever. You guys can be babies all you like.
I don't have a problem with anyone who is afraid of the dark. Hell I'm afraid of the dark.
I'm just not afraid of the dark when I'm in my own room, in my own house. The same home I've lived in since I was 4...

It's just personal preferences. I don't see how stating that I prefer to sleep in the dark/quiet is offending anyone.
I'm going to sleep now anyways.
It's 3:12am
I'm in my room.
With all of the lights off.
Music off.
Fish tank silenced.
It's finally peaceful...


AHAHAHA No life here <3

My mom's friend is trying to hook me up with her neighbors son.

He's a year older than me, has the same piercings, listens to the same music, and apparently dresses kind of the same style as me.

She also says he has a girlish face, and is kind of geeky. Like he still plays video games and watches Pokemon. Iamokaywiththis.

My mom said he was cute for a kid (kid wtf he's almost 19)

The girl in me really kind of wants to meet him, but my pride is telling me hell nah

Shit man...

My mom said she has met him, and he reminds her of me... and she wouldn't lie

But idk man. Sounds too good to be true

Plus I don't want to meet someone through the woman who used to babysit me when I was a kid.


In other news, has anyone else been missing comments?
I check my messages like 1-2 times a day
but I haven't gotten anything in the past like week
then all of a sudden I have like 10 messages, and the dates are from through out the week :|
Wtf TheOtaku
give me my messages </3