Chocolate Eggs

Chocolate eggs

Summray: Momiji loves chocolate eggs. When he finds a basket full of them on his doorstep, he wonders who they’re from. Oneshot. Happy belated Easter, Momiji-kun!


“Hmm?” Momiji Sohma, the hyper, cheerful, fifteen year old rabbit we all know and love, was standing at his door, a basket of chocolate eggs at his feet. “Who left these?” he wondered aloud. Momiji had just come home from school, and he knew Haru hadn’t come home yet, so it couldn’t have been him. Ha’ri didn’t get home until later, and Tohru couldn’t have put them there…….

Momiji picked up the basket. It was lovingly placed in front of his door, the contents of chocolate eggs overflowing. There was also a card. Momiji questionably picked it up and opened it.

For big brother, from Momo.

That was all it said. Momiji smiled. “Momo knows that I like chocolate eggs.” He said aloud. “But who told her? And how did Momo know where I live?”

“Momo knew because Momo was watching you.”

Momiji quickly turned around. There stood the young, brown-eyes blond little girl, staring up at him. “Momo…..What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at home with your mama?” Momiji’s heart stung at the word ‘mama’. And from the look on Momo’s face, Momiji knew that she had seen it.

“Mama knows that Momo is out playing. She doesn’t know Momo came to play with Momiji. Does that make Momo a bad girl?” Momo stared up at Momiji. For a child her age, her face was quite solem and serious. “Does Momiji not want to play with Momo?”

“No, no.” Momiji shook his head. “I’ll play with you, Momo.” He smiled. “But your Mama will get worried if you stay here too long.”

There was the word again. ‘Mama’. Momiji felt a pang of sadness.

Momo began again. “Does Momiji-onii-san not have a mama?”

Momiji looked up.

“Momiji-nii-san lives by himself. Does Momiji-nii-san not have a mama or papa?” Momo grabbed Momiji’s sleeve. “Did Momiji-nii-san’s mama and papa die?”

Momiji could feel the tears overflowing his eyelids. “……” he said, ruffling Momo’s blond locks. “No, my mama and papa didn’t die. My mama and papa…..”

They abandoned me.

Momiji couldn’t get the words out of his throat. He couldn’t tell Momo. Momo was smart. She would figure it out. She had already figured out so much already……

“What happened to Momiji-onii-san’s mama and papa?” Momo’s question tugged at Momiji’s heart. Momo persisted. “What happened? What happened?” she kept asking.

“….My mama is very sick. My papa is staying with her.” He finally said. He gently stroked Momo’s hair. “I live by myself because I’m a big boy, and I’m strong. My mama isn’t very strong right now. She needs my papa.” He forced a smile. “Thank you for the chocolate eggs, Momo.”

“Momiji-onii-san is welcome.” Momo said simply. She then turned and ran away, her little pink shoes clacking.

Momiji smiled, taking a chocolate egg out of the basket, unwrapping it, and popping it into his mouth. “Thank you…..Momo.”

The end

Inspired by chocolate eggs