Neji's Wii

Wow...this has gotten unexpectedly popular! :D Thanks for the support everyone, and because of it I give you the FULL Neji's Wii fanfiction!


Neji sighed. He was bored. He sat on his couch, his Wiimote in his hand. Damn. It was REALLY boring.

Suddenly, Naruto burst into his humble abode. “Hey Neji! Can I play your Wii?” he asked rather hyper-ly. “I just heard that you got one! I wanna play!”

“Sure.” Neji said. Well, with the number one knuckle-head ninja around, things are bound to become interesting. “Go ahead. Do what you wish."

“YES!” Naruto yelled. “This is GREAT! Oh, yeah, one more thing. I invited everyone over to your house to try the Wii, including Gaara!”

“Gaara?” Neji exclaimed, frowning.

Suddenly, Kiba, Hinata, Shikamaru, Shino, and Sasuke came in through the door.

“H-hello, Neji.” Hinata said shyly, blushing.

Shikamaru sighed lazily. “I heard you got a Wii, Neji. I thought it was a drag, but since Naruto invited me, I figured I’d come. How troublesome...”

“YO!” Kiba yelled. “Whassap, Neji?”

“Nice place.” Sasuke commented. “You get Hinata to clean it or something?” At this comment, both Neji and Hinata started blushing.

Shino remained comment-less, examining the Wii in front of him.

I pray that nothing gets broken. Neji thought warily. With that dog boy around, who knows what could happen...

Everyone examined Neji’s Wii in amazement. They were all so busy in awe that no one but Neji noticed Kiba tugging at his sleave.

“What?” Neji said sharply, still distracted by everyone else.

“Is Akamaru allowed to go to the bathroom on the couch?” Kiba asked simpily.

“Sure.” Neji said semiconsciously. It was such an honest question that Neji didn’t even realize what Kiba had said until it was too late.

“Hey. Can I go to the bathroom on the couch?” Kiba asked hopefully.

“HELL NO!” Neji replied, looking at his poor soiled couch and wondering how in hell he was going to get it cleaned. “You go on that couch and I’ll have you fixed, dog-boy.”

“YOU SPECIESIST!” yelled Kiba. “What the hell? You let Akamaru go on the couch! I’m part dog, you know! And there’s the ’inu’ in my name too! You don’t give me the same treatment you give him and I’ll sue you!”

Neji sighed. What could he do? After a moment, Neji sighed again. “Fine...Just make sure no one can see it, and you're buying me a new couch later.”

“You got it, dude.” Kiba said, giving Neji a thumbs-up.

“Hey! Neji! Your controller’s broken!” Naruto yelled.

Dammit! And I just bought it, too! Neji thought. He was about to kill someone when Hinata spoke up.

“Um...N-N-Neji...Th-there aren’t any batteries in them...”

“Oh.” Neji said, a total ‘I so knew that’ moment. “Now I feel really stupid...” Neji muttered, quickly placing batteries in two Wiimotes.

“Sasuke-teme! I challenge you!” Naruto roared, pointing at Sasuke.

“Yeah, yeah.” Sasuke sighed. “I’ll just beat you like I usually do.”

“I’m going to beat your butt! BELIEVE IT!”

"Believe it is a 74% overused catchphrase." Sasuke shot back.

And so the two went at it and chose their characters on Super Smash Bros Brawl. Naruto chose Pikachu, and Sasuke chose Mario.

“Both your characters suck.” Shikamaru noted.

And so the two went at it, Naruto royally beating all hell out of Sasuke.

“NOOOOO!!” Sasuke shouted.

“YEAH!” Naruto shouted, doing a little victory dance. Sasuke then proceeded to pass out, muttering something about his brother.

“ALRIGHT!” Naruto shouted, kicking Sasuke out of the way. “WHO’S NEXT?”

Meanwhile, Hinata gently tugged on Neji’s arm. “N-nii-san...” She stuttered. “Neji-nii-san...Kiba’s making weird sounds in the bathroom...It’s scaring me...” Hinata’s face was bright red.

Neji sighed. “Alright.” He said, walking down to the bathroom. “Kiba? Whatever you’re doing in here, it’s scaring Hinata-hime—!” Neji opened the door to find Kiba on the floor with Akamaru. Neji could tell they were doing...things... He quickly shut the door and walked back to Hinata. “...”

Neji turned to Naruto, who was still ranting.

“S-so what was...K-kiba doing in there...?” Hinata asked.

“Don’t ask. You don’t want to know.” Neji said quickly. “Anyway,” Neji said, quickly changing the subject, “Who’s next?”

“I want to play.”

Neji turned to the voice. It was Gaara...of the Funk. “When did you get here?”

“You don’t need to know that.” Gaara said. “Naruto said you got a Wii, and I want to play it.

Neji sighed. “Fine, go ahead.”

So they selected characters. Naruto immediately picked Jigglypuff.

“Aaaaww!!” Gaara whined. “I wanted to be Jigglypuff!”

“Fine, fine.” Naruto grumbled, choosing Pikachu again. Gaara happily squealed and chose Jigglypuff. Gaara happily whooped Naruto’s butt ten times.

“OK.” Neji said. “Who wants to go up against Gaara?” He turned to his younger cousin. “Hinata-hime?”

“A-Alright...” Hinata said timidly.

Gaara chose Jigglypuff, while Hinata chose Zelda. After a few seconds of battling, Hinata was declared the winner.

“I...I won.” Hinata said happily.

Gaara stared at the screen blankly. “I was a girl...?’s not possible...” Gaara continued to mutter to himself.

“N-nii-san...Do you want to go next...?” Hinata timidly asked, blushing.

“Sure. Why not.” Neji said, forcing the Wiimote out of Gaara’s hand. “Let’s do it.”

Hinata picked her favorite, Kirby, while Neji picked his favorite badass, Link. After a few seconds, Link got thrown off a cliff.

“Well, what do you know. I lost. It must be destined.” Neji said, placing the controller down. “You can play by yourself, Hinata-sama. No one else has a chance against you. It’s FATE."

And so, Neji's Wii Party was abruptly ended by Hinata.