the world of dizzy where the univers sometime dont turn out what you expect differnt storys of the future past and present lets see whats going on

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moonlight so bright guide me home tonight
moonlight so bright never leave me tonight
moonlight so light shine upon thine oceans waves
she pushes and pulls using wave by wave to reach up to touch you
moonlight shine so bright moon so pale and pearl shaped
see the wave reach for you notice her?
moonlight so bright see the fireflies dance for you
moonlight moon so light shower the fireflies with your beauty
ocean herself enviously and lovingly reaches for you
a simple touch from you to her is millions of stars
starshine so bright kisses from the moon for each being,animal,plant
stars twinkle the moon shines the ocean reaches for him

moonlight so bright never leave the earth alone tonight give her company upon this..

hot summer night

watch the fireflies dance and float like mini stars themselves

hear the crickets chirp and sing

hear the rain frogs cry for rain

hear the lonely wolf and coyote howl your name

moonlight so light...forever shine upon thine night...

Dustys thoughts

moon herself pushes the oceans waves as I sit here thinking about my life and how now it's the dream I never want to wake up from it's a memory I want to never forget my fate is yes dark but my light shall break though this darkness my health has it's ups and downs my immunity to this planets sun is getting there but I know if I eat there food and live how they do I should be fine my fate

Like a freaking full random race I made!

Name of the species: Narundain

Forms: dragons at birth but learn how to change to there animal form which results In there dragon families linage and there powers vary from there DNA and genes they obtain 

Basic looks
Males have adapted to being slightly larger to intimidate the rivals who try to get there female they have large and long fangs they use to rip flesh off the bones  and to grind the bones down into mush there teeth are made to crush even the hardest of minerals such as diamonds 
There tail in there animal form varies ( Ex: dusty has kitsune in his blood line hence why he inherited the two tails and there rare color )

Male anatomy 

Males like before are tall and much larger there ears are developed to hear even the faintest of sounds from a dog whistle to a silent high pitched frequencies there saliva from the tongues have musk that if licked from them will be on you for two whole months why cause males lick there mates to leave there scent on them to ward off opponents and lick there children so they will never loose them 
There bodies and organs are weirder then the females the males organs  Are quite strange indeed 
Males have two hearts to pump more blood in there systems when thinking and for air they have 9 stomachs which in different stomach has different properties two to digest minerals two others are to process any thing they decide to eat as the five others for normal food and to store food  as there eyes are developed but there sight aren't as great as the females males are good mates and will always be faithful to who he mates for life with help take care of the eggs and help teach and raise them 

Female body structure and anatomy

Females a smaller then males they are quicker then the males but they have developed sight and sense of smell they themselves have odd quantities females  scent markers on there chin and cheeks when they nuzzle there children they know and will not loose there children the female narundains are very good mothers they have only 4 stomachs two for minerals and various things they eat and the other for food and store food they're teeth are made to easily bite through bone but there not as strong as the males females have a keen sense of smell meaning they can find food easier but due to size cannot fight back large males they when having children develop a defense mechanism where the bile in there intestines turns into mucus like acid and poison to paralyze or even kill the intruder 

Other information 

Both male and female have excellent singing  voices which they use to attract there mates the female will churr and sing the song they so to choose or made up if the male liked it they would join in and become duet and once that happens there mates for life 

Females voices are higher pitched and they can alter there vocal  pitch 

Males also can alter there vocal pitch 

They do this to attract but in times they use it to Impress and to show off to people they take pride in there voices and are insulted if you do not hear there song 


 after another year Delilah gave birth to there last children triplets two girls and  one boy. But during that dusty fell gravely ill as his breathing shallow and heart beat deadly low  as munk tried everything as he saw dusty smile lightly and murmured "I feel like a monster I must confess " munk had tears in his eyes as he shook him as he screamed"NO YOUR NOT A MONSTER YOUR MY BROTHER" dusty looked at him as hhis eyes became foggy and said as he tried to breathe"I hate to be a burden so I have to say name my last of my kids and my son name him kyo you know why farewell my dear brother say good bye to rose manic and dizzy for me and keep Delilah happy not sad "as he closed his eyes and stopped breathing as munk shook him screaming as sobs came out as Delilah herd she wondered why as peaches and munk came out and then as munk sighed and said as tears came out "Delilah dust has wanted me to name your kids the girls kyukii and the other girl kyubii and lastly the boy who has the full mark now is named Dustain kyo venom  Rage kyo for short "Delilah looked at him as she said panicky "where is dusty where is he not here to greet and name his children" munk As he hugged peaches and said as more tears came out "he's dead Delilah he died moments ago I did everything " she was holding the baby boy who was born last he was breathing low had blood stains in muzzle as he opened his eyes to show his mother his electric blue eyes  Delilah smiled lightly and said to him "welcome my last child of dustys you are a special one like malefore and zidane you are just like him live well and be happy for him" as the young fox cub closed his eyes and Coughed up little blood specks And slept Delilah held the baby tightly as serenity was holding kyukii and alicia holding kykuii as they sobbed to see there dad Gone they knew malefore and zidane would be devistated cause he was with them the most as munk wiped away the tears he sat down by malefore and zidane and said as he hugged them "sons you seen your dad right how sick" they nodded and said as the looked at him confused as they ran to him as he laid there not moveing as they shook him and was telling him as they panicked"dad wake up!!! Dad!! Wake up come see the new brother and sisters dad!!uncle munk why don't her wake up???" they hugged his arms as tears fell munk felt heart broken to tell his brothers kids he's dead as he said as tears fell again as peaches stepped in and hugged them tightly as she concerted them as she said quietly and soothingly"he went to hevinika to be with grandma he's gone" malefore and zidane shook there heads and said as they looked at there dads body "nuh uh he's right here how can he be gone when he's here asleep " as there grandpa came in fast to see him lying the he had tears in them as dizzy Bruce manic and rose came dizzy sobbed as she hugged Bruce as rose and manic cryed to see there big brother gone as the twins yelled as they hugged his tails"NO DADS RIGHT HERE HE SAW DIS HE WOULDN'T WANT YOU SAD!!!!" they shook him as they said trying to wake him up as there grandpa picked them up as they grabbed his coat and hair band and bracelets as they screamed and cryed as there grandpa said as he held them as they held these items "my little dokis you look like him and acted the same why when grandma passed he didn't want her to go but be strong like him your father is dead he went to his mother up in hevinika" thy cryed louder as kyo stared to cry along with them after the next day everyone got ready to mourn the loss of the prince who was sick but stronger then anyone the king who was kind and a great ruler like his father as dizzy sang as they listened everyone had tears in there eyes as there dearest brother had went to stay withal there mother as they sat down in the exact alter where he and Delilah got married sonic Sally everyone was mourning as they had the casket by the master blood emerald as dizzy sang she had tears in her eyes as rose sang behind her and Delilah watched as she serenity and munk held the kids as Delilah held kyo  as malefore and zidane sat near there grandpa they hugged the things they got before they got taken way  as they shook there heads as they both ran up trying to shake him awake and hugging him as Delilah hated to see them do that they couldn't grasp him dead as they got held by tue former king as they cryed everyone either cryed more or sobbed to watch the young twins trying to wake up there dad as they where young as they had the family say a few words as Delilah went first as she said as she held kyo tightly"when I met dusty I was on the wrong path raised badly I was abandoned cause my mother wanted to live by herself and not have children at all when I met him he saved me after that I done everything to repay him but then I fell in love with him he was stubborn but kind he was sick alot but that didn't stop him working hard to make everyone around him happy and not worry about him" as rose came up as she said as she wiped away a tear"he was the best big brother any little sister could ask for cooked and tried his best to keep a smile on our face even when really sick he say he's perfectly fine just not to make us worry he sang us lullabies when we went to sleep he consoled us when our mother died he was there for my kids and my own time when I was down he was the best father and brother" as munk came up as he cleared his throat"when me and dusty met I thought I was going to be here along time when I started dusty was quiet and shy he badly talked he was really sick but when he got usest to me he was doing everything for me as I found out I was adopted into this family I thought it was a miracle as a mother that was so nice and the kindest In all of narunda a father strong and kind and a brother that was kind like our mother and strong like our father and mistivous as we snuck out to play in the sand In gerudiania dessert the one who cooked that sang and done anything to keep a smile on our face right down to his death he the strongest person and neatest brother I ever had" as munk finished manic came up he adjusted his glasses"dusty was kind and strict but only cause he wanted best when dad was busy dusty would step in to be our substitute dad he done every thing even when he had a bad day or sick he stepped In to help he said I was young to understand why but I understood so I wanted to help to I tried to mimic him but it didn't work out but I knew he thanked me for helping him his child hood was raising us rose manic and dizzy to be who we are today not having fun or goofing off he worked day In And day out to keep us happy and never sad" as manic stepped down dizzy came up as she said "dusty was the best even when I barely remembered our mother since I was small dusty was the one who told me stories about her even though it hurted him to talked about her he did he tought me Many things as I grew up I couldn't ask for a better brother then him " lastly there father came up and said the last words"my people some who are old like me remember when the first prince was born he was small and yet strong when he could barely talk he fallowed us everywhere when he was eleven he took charge when his mother passed unexpectedly he was like he was trying to erase the sadness away from us but not for him he didnt cry in front of us he cryed when he was alone he kept a smile on him and cheered everyone up when he was eighteen he was still doing everything he was stronger then me when my beloved wife passed I would never that serious look as he worked to keep us happy " as everyone murmured in unison as they buried dusty and finally after everyone left Delilah was taken home by the twins and kyos nurse maid skyline who was like another daughter to them as she left the grave where dusty was as a renafeon shadow formed and a figure watched as he saw a claw like hand bust through the dirt as dusty came out and looked up to see his father or his fathers brother he looked around and stammered as the figure bent down and calmly say"you are my son your dusty the king of the renafeons my son you where asleep let us got home your people await" as he nodded as he fallowed he herd glass shatter and a voice scream as another laughed after a few days the boy became loners and stayed around kyo who was crawling around and staying around them they became hostile to everyone but skyline and Delilah Delilah sat them down as they growled then one day they disappeared and the new came out some gravedigger stole dustys body and kidnapped the boys of dusty Delilah was depressed as serenity and the girls tried to console her munk was to so he stayed and tended to Delilah as on the dark side of narunda dusty sat the as he saw his children they hugged him and he said"my sons you have been reawakened as renafeons we are home " they nodded as kyo held tightly to dusty and after 10 years exactly there grandpa still living strong Delilah sad yet going on as for malefore and zidane was in a castle that there grandfather made out of crystal as dusty sat at the throne calmly waiting patiently as he turned into a huge monster like dragon and the twins watched as kyo was holding there hands as he watched in awe of his father he was mute but he knew how to speak his own language as dusty practiced as he killed a few prisoners who came into there domain as he ate there body's he herd a voice he hadnt herd in years yell'you monster I will control you,made me act like I really died you drothra' he chuckled as he turned and threw some meat to his sons as they ate it they turned into there dragons as they practiced dusty turned back to normal as he herd his father praise him from the shadows"good job my son you are more vicious then your old man" he laughed as he sat down dusty grunted and brought put a claw to pick his teeth the left over prisoner as he watched his son as his father said as he watched too"there ruthless as you you should be proud there gonna to be excellent fighters " dusty said"I know that I trained them myself I will destroy mobius then come back here to rule and then the other planets " as his sons came up and said"we finished can we go and terriorize incoming passengers " he said as he nodded"yeah just make sure you kil them completely ok" they nodded as they scampered off  there grandfather laughed"just like them they love to play" as for malefore and zidane and kyo waited for a traveler the crystal kingdom was in-between midorinan city and faymora as they saw a weird a doctor they waited and jumped out and attacked as the cat yelled as they decapitated his arm and clawed his right eye as he screamed as they ran off as for the cat he held his left arm as he limped and blood gushed from the wounds he had gotten he limped to the castle as he fell near the entrance peaches screamed as sunshine and Jake grabbed him and laid him down as munk was losing blood he breathing was labored and fast as he said as he looked at peaches"well hon I think I'm going to be with dusty" she shook her head as sunshine stopped the bleeding and was stitching up the left socket and Jake was checking his vitals and bandage his fathers right eye as he asked his father"who done this"  munk turned and said as he started to breather better"two renafeons they where too quick but I saw one a third but he looked like dusty when he was-" munk fainted as Delilah came in and said"what happend to him" peaches said to her"we don't now he took a walk and got attacked by three renafeons but I think one was kyo he was the one who looked like dusty right " Delilah nodded and she cryed and hugged peaches"my baby boy is alive what about malefore zidane are they" she shook her head and said"we need to wait till munk tell us all" Delilah sighed and then shocked as she turned to recapture as she realized what she said"you mean my baby was raised by the renafeons " peaches nodded"it's possible renafeons are like us almost they cant be all heartless to see a crying baby " as they waited for munk his father came in to see his son hurt he asked and they told him as munk slowly came to reality as he muttered"why can't i feel my left arm" as he felt he had lost it he  remembered he turn and  slowly got up and said"I had a dream I was with dusty playing in the sand like we where little " Delilah asked as she turned"do remembered what did this to you" he nodded and said"I was walking back and two renafeons who I couldnt Identify and kyo he was watching he ran off with them he dosent recognize me " Delilah sat down as skyelene came in with tea she got everyone and she said as she poured herself a cup"Delilah I know how to tell if it was him let me got out you know I can take care of myself and plus I miss my lil brothers " she nodded then said to Skye"I will let you but please don't get hurt badly " she nodded and she walked out there with an umbrella as she hummed the boys lullaby she herd a rustle she turns to see Malifore and zidane and kyo Hug her She hugged them tightly she had happy tears running down as she asked them"what happened to you boys look at you handsome like your father come tell me what happened to you " malefore smiled and said "we where with dad he teaching us  how to fight as dragons he and grandpa" Skye smiled and thought he's dead and there grandfather is at the castle she said as she picked up  kyo "what you kyo you remember me" he nodded and made a yelp Skye turned to the twins and said"he's mute he tried but can't talk he has his own ways of talking though" skyline held kyo as she asked "can you show me where dad is" they nodded as they held her hand and took her as dusty held his head as the real dusty shattered evil him and frozen him but he stayed he been sane for awhile he stayed cause he was ashamed as the renafeons laid like animals his father gone he sighed as he cleaned the remains of the prisoner as he turned he walked out of the castle to get some air he saw his sons skyelene  he stopped and he hid In The shadows as the twins stopped. And said to skyelene"see he's standing right there under the shadows "she looked he was looking the other way as he muttered"how did you convince them" she said as she got closeser "they remember me and you they adored me as much a you"Dusty slimmed into darker shadows skyelene asked "but how are you alive my lord" he finally got the courage and walked out to show his eyes as he said"I am a renafeon  my evil half made me act like I was dead once I got control I was sane but I was too ashamed for what I done to come back " Skye shocked her head "no Delilah misses you deeply and two renafeons attacked munk he lost his arm and  right eye" the twins said as they he's skies dress"we got there when Skye came out kyo ran ahead though" dust nodded as he turned and said to Skye"well if you leave tell Delilah i am not dead tell her I love her and tell munk to take care of her" Skye said as she stopped him"why don't you go and show them what's happening I'm sure they will understand "he looked at her and said"you think they will" she nodded as she held a sleeping kyo so dust agreed to go with Skye as they walks out of the dark forest and. To the castle and as the knights guarded the entrance Bruce noticed who was with Skye he ran and stopped as he looked close to dusty. And then he disappeared and they went through as delilaha sat there with serenity and Alicia and kyukii and kyukii serenity holding her own baby whom she named anka malice rage and there grandfather sitting there he was old but stubborn to pass yet as munk came in with peaches behind him Jake and sunshine sat by there parents as Skye came in holding kyo delilah jumped up and held her baby boy as she said"you found him and-"she saw the twins she hugged her baby's tighter as kyo mumbled and curled into a tight ball skyelene then turned and showed dusty in the shadows as Skye said"and one more stranger his eyes might of changed but it's him"munk got up as he adjusted his eyes and saw dusty he said"dusty is that really you " as dusty stepped out of the shadows Delilah looked up she saw his eyes renafeon but the rest dusty as his dad came up to look at the son he thought he had lost and then said "I knew you where too stubborn to die" as he hugged him Delilah hugged him munk cryed as he hugged him as he said"I may have one arm and eye left but I'm still your brother" dusty turned and lifted to see his eye then he said as he let his hair fall"your cells are making your eye to look like what mine looks so your not really blind your just half renafeon  but I do not know how to stopped it" munk shook his head and said"I don't care your back and staying " as serenity hugged her father and said"you have to to spoil her"as she held her child dusty picked up his grandchild the baby opend her eyes and saw dusty she smiled and put he small hand on his nose and squeezed hard and made dusty sneeze the baby laughed and was touching his muzzle and laughing as he let serenity have her back dusty said as he smiled in the years he actually smiled "I thought you would be mad and I was ashamed to show my face cause the was I look" as the the triplet girls came to see there father they looked at him and smiled and said"daddy where have you been and why dis kyo get to go with you and not us"

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