the world of dizzy where the univers sometime dont turn out what you expect differnt storys of the future past and present lets see whats going on

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More story time

Have you ever thought what it really feel like to feel? Or to feel anything or any emotions,or try to hide or conceal yourself from it like mothers warming hugs or herself being a shield or barrier to reality as for me.....I broke the barrier when I didnt want it to break as it shattered to little pieces so did I and so did mom as all I see Is pools of blood mother lying there dead and me and my bloody arm changed into monstrous arm and tears flowing out of me to slowly realized I killed my mother the one who gave me life who brought me to this world I slaughtered her I shouldn't I don't why it's like this!!! everything is breaking around me why!!! I feel alone even though I have my two little brothers and little sisters and my father left but I'm alone now I've broken my barrier and I'm left to tend to my family alone and father is heart broken he dosent know the truth though cause I'm afraid of what he might do.....I-I broken my barrier to actual reality I don't want to be in it mother! She protected me from the harsh truth!!! Now I'm in a weird place filled with darkness and broken mirror pieces floating around but it has me and mom and..someone else he me..but older he's saying something to me?? He's my ancestor he will help me I feel odd I can't feel anything like before mother passed if I do what he says he will help me stay like this and help me become stronger and not weak if I disobey I will feel pain again...very well I accept but tell me...what is your name???oh twilight Dustain venom rage oh ok your my uncle and my ancestor huh well o-ok then uncle I accept you will train me ok thank you..... 

Story time

Centuries of centuries have passed......the life I once knew called "a family" and the man who I once was and the demon I was "Osiris Remington Evans demon of pride" now I am the demon of regret slowly deasending into madness I filled with greed and pride found immortality ........regrets now for what I did millions of years passed people I once knew dead there children dead now only remnant of the past is me and this book and this locket of my old family my sons my only daughter my mate....I loved her so much but my pride got the best of me and now what she feared me watching her age as I don't I loved her none the less weather old or young she was my only mate after that I stayed within our family line like a uncle or a son or even the brother of whom ever I resembled Osiris was me Orion is now me great great heh ...many greats grand son of the original Osiris now the greats grandson of my children I watch over looking like them hurts this heart but I stay with them but after this I only now begin to go crazy find ways to kill myself but sadly I don't die I tried poisoning I tried stabbing heart nothing gun shot to the head but now I am forever living in my own regret I am Orion I am Osiris I am demon sin pride I am the demon emotion regret...

I idea for a story I might make it real one day

To help a brother of mine

As the light shined down from the pearl shaped moon and the light hit shari  she smiled and looked out the window and sighed..."I wonder what Osiris is doing.." sue worried about her cousin he was like her big brother that she never had and he always protected her  and she cooked for him and heck even hang out and help him work his business he had on the side but what worried her was..osiris's mental state...he never experienced these "commoners" being so kind nice and gentle that frightened him since all he knew was my kindness and his fathers abuse so he w as always rude and mean and cold to non rich people he was only nice if they had something he wanted "I hoped he's ok" so she finally got up and went to see him but bumped into her friend her new friend and gentle and very HONEST (he hates to lie so he's always speaking the truth XD)  he's name was  sebastian Lionel Everett  he was a odd mixed between a tiger and lion so he called him self a liger he was brutally honest but a sweet heart at the same time he looked down and me and nodded and smiled a bit and said"hello Shari I seemed to forgotten where I was going and bumped into   You.." and smiled back and nodded "it's ok sebastian I know you didn't mean too do you want to see my cousin with me ?" he paused and nodded and he murmured " I have to be honest....I was curious about him anyways.." I smiled it was funny how he said he had to be honest but as we walked to osiris's dorm I herd Another crash and gasped and ran to the dorm and opened it  to see Osiris rocking back and forth in the corner mumbling In Swedish  I ran to him and hugged him trying to soothe him and say it was ok Osiris never liked expressing or even want people to help him so he kept thing that bothered him to his self he used to have night terrors about his father and I guessed he still  has them I hummed a tune and soothed him as I got my handkerchief and wiped away his tears he rarely cries so I made sure sebastian didn't see Osiris hates to cry let alone let other people see as I mumbled to him "you ok remi?" I used to call him by his middle name which was Remington so it was remi for short he hated when me and funk called him that but actually he liked that nickname ..I snapped out of thought by his soft reply and his tight hug as he shaked  from the nightmare I smiled gently and helped him up and got bandages for his cuts from the noticeable broken glass n the floor it was beer I frowned when it was and shrugged it off to help Osiris as I remembered sebastain was he as he said "I have to be honest and I am wondering what's wrong with him is he always like this ?" I shook my head and said" no he's just had a bad nightmare he's like this sometimes but all the time.." he nodded and stand aside as I sat him on his bed and fixed him up and he said" I'm sorry being imperfect I will be perfect " I shook my head again and said" don't yourself.." he just shook and stared at me with his icy blue eyes filled with fear I know this was the beginning of osiris's mental breakdown and transformation. Into what he will become for the future...

End of part 1 the rest later XD 

a story err a.. w.i.p

When I was born..I was the first born and heir to the Evans company..but that came with a heavy burden..I had start early from what I remember from it was..early start in mathamatics and my English and technology. And computers if I failed I was punished if I spoke to a commoner I was severely punished...

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lament.of a.broken.genet

I was born into a wealthy family but unlike what the commoners was not all how it was cracked up to be my father forced me to learn mathamatics and many other skills I. Hopes I would be one day even mire sucessful then him and when I was..imperfect he beat me till I was broken and could barely walk...imperfection was bad..imperfection was..commoners servants if I even talked to a commoner or servant unwashed punished serverly and even when the clockwork boy I cannot speak to him I was alone and I liked it it was like I was the only one who could obtain this..power..

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