I'm Here!!!!

Hey guys! I'm Here! I've been working hard creating things and I have a lot of fanart to post. I'll start posting them really soon but not today of how tired I am. (we all have those moments) I came up with a cool new vocaloid oc and I came up with some new Misaki (now Miyuki) improvements.
So over the summer I made it to Mori no Ike (Concordia Japanese Language Camp) Even though I got my appendix out the weekend before. At least it didn't burst. Then I would have missed it for sure. But then I made some AMAZING new friends, One I know on DeviantART, whose art is really good, and I'm going to tell her to join soon.
I'm also going to cosplay as Jade from Homestuck, I have the dress planned out but not the wig. Jade has wavy black hair, not short golden hair.
And for a school project thingy my dad will help me download the "Vocaloid Maker" demo. I'll make her and show you! I can't wait!

But now I'm tired and going to bed.




I haven't been on in a while, sorry guys.

Deviantart stuff is all. I met my friends on there, so....


My new background

I changed my background! Heres the image:


I'm making a quiz, but all of the pictures i made that say : "you got ____" are all PNGs. I found out that the application I use, "WORD" can edit pictures, but a side effect is turning them into PNGs.

I need a hero to either:

Make the photos for me

Tell me how turn things into jpegs

Give me advice!

(Answer one would be greatly appreciated.)

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Bullied!Len Kagamine x Bullied!Reader

You tie your tie quickly, not wanting to late for school. You bound down the stairs. Your mother is making pancakes, and yours are all ready on the table. You sit down and start eating. You yawn. A loud rumble is coming from outside. " Mom, what time is it?" Your mom looks at the clock on the stove. "It's 7:10. That's the bus."
You jump up. "Bye then," you call, running out the door.
Usually you would get to pick your seat, but jumping on when the bus was leaving, you had to sit down next to a blond boy who was in your class. You didn't really know him though.
Len was on his phone. When you looked at it, the battery ran out. Len put his phone away. He looked at you. He had a pair of red rimmed glasses. Looking through them were to electric blue eyes. Automatically, you looked away, blushing slightly. You smile, trying to not make the blushing obvious. He smiled back.
He looked down, and didn't look at you the entire remaining trip.


You threw your bookbag over your shoulder, and joined your friend Miku at the door.
"(your name), why are you staring at Len?" Miku asked curiously. You snapped out of it, and your face turned slightly pink. "Well, I-" You stammered "Don't worry, I'll make sure he fixes his tie!" Miku cheerfully said. "Huh?" you questioned.
You looked at his tie. It wasn't pulled through completely, making it look messy and hurried. Miku skipped over to Len. "Fix your tie, you look messy!" Miku demanded. Len's head shot up.
Well, Miku sure was smart. Len was hanging out with one of the toughest boys in the class, and that boy was mad that she would yell like that. He didn't like girls at all. Right before he swung his fist at Miku's face, you jumped in front of him, and he stopped.
"Ohhh, a even better victim!" he teased.
"Stop!" Len shouted. everyone looked at him oddly, and his face turn red. "Please don't hurt her." "Len..." you whispered.
The boy smirked. "You can't join the cool group with me if you at like that towards this chicken!" He argued.

Not done but I can finish this.