You would not believe the luck I have had recently -_-
I'm so angry but anywho....I love the new VV layout...Ish pretty cool...

Please add me or message me or w/e

Thankies for your patients everyone


This sucks

So I broke my stylus for my tablet...
Somehow I got the little nib (the tip) Stuck in the pen so it is permanently "clicking". You know how if you hold the button on the mouse down? Well that's my stylus now. T.T
I need to find a way to get money to get a new one. The new one costs $70. I guess I should try to find a job... but I'm no good at working.

-sigh- I guess I could wait until Christmas... T.T Or I could get a job xD

But it still saddens me that I have to get a new stylus. Maybe I could ask my parents to loan me some money that I promise to pay back but never do. Or I could do chores! Yeah! That's a good one.

Omg! I just realized that I was last on here when I was only a mere 17 xD

Random fact of the day ^


Well thanks for reading if you did xD


P.S. If you can see the tags anywhere, you should read them. C:

Hi there!

Hey everyone.
Uh...I have been so busy lately!!! >.<
I miss you all so much!

So...I miss her sooooo much!!! T_T
By her I mean the girl I love...>.<
Her name is....Trish....
Isn't that a pretty name? >W<

Well I haven't talked to her since she graduated...X.X
It makes me sad....T_T
I sent her a message on myspace recently though...
I haven't gotten a response...

So Happy new year!!!!I hope everyone had a great holiday.
I can't really think of much else.
I should have some new art up. I'm not sure though..

^_^ I love you guys! *huggles*

College >_<

>_< All of this planning for college is stopping me from going online!
I have so much work...T_T
I just wanted to drop by and say hi and let you guys I love you! *hugs*

I drew my first ever male character! ^^
It's only a doodle, but he's cute. He's an uke in a pairing my friend and I made ^^

I have to get going. I have to eat then get some other stuff done.

How are you guys doing?

Guess who's back!?!?!

I luffles you guys!


I will be updating at the link below a lot hopefully =D

talk to you guys soon I hope