the metaphor of rain

I know you're cold.
And i know it's hard for you to sleep.
These re-occurring nightmares, causing you to weep.
So you keep, your emotions bottled up.
Herded up like sheep.
And wait for the rain to fall.
Waiting for the sleet.
Standing on solid ground, it covers you like a sheet.
Covering your mouth, it becomes harder for you to speak.
Now your body becomes weak; like you've had nothing to eat.
Time has told you're so sick of this. Your angers at its peak.

And as this all goes on, the rain continues to fall.
Tall in the beginning so its life has longer to fall.
Guess love can be painful after all.

He tells me i don't know what it's like to be verbally abused by my own grandfather.
All because he was invited for lunch but told him not to bother.
Things have even become awkward between him and his only brother.
The only one he wants in his lonely world is his only loving mother.
Every week he goes to visit her.
Where she's buried six feet under.
He stays until it becomes humid. Which is followed by the thunder.
When he smells the rain it allows his mind to wonder.
Would his life be the same if his mom was still alive?
Now the rain begins to arrive.
He puts his head to the sky and asks why?
If only the clouds would give him an answer so he didn't have a reason to cry.
Now the rain begins it's pouring.
He turns to the only one he loves and tells his mom goodbye.
Signifying the temporary end.
Of a life time of mourning.

And as this all goes on the rain continues to fall.
Tall in the beginning so it's life has more time to fall.
I guess love is something that can be painful after all.

So i've started rapping...

Inhale. Breathe. Let the air flow to your lungs.
Inhale. Breathe. Sit yourself down and let your head go numb.

So this heart carries a burden.
Thinkin about it makes you want it to start burnin.
Let it go up in smoke. Let it go up in the toke.
Let the smoke fill your eyes till it becomes hard to see.
During this point in time i know you feel like you've only been deceived.
Drowning in misery. Well, not really.
But when you compared my life to yours that's what it seemed to be.
So it seems to me, that life's not fair.
That you can't seem to get these problems out of your hair, out of your head.
But it's better to be alive than dead.
Let me take your hand and show you where you need to be led.
Take you far away from here. This isn't where you saw yourself.
You saw a fortune of wealth and good health. But never saw this welt coming.
It caught you by surprise.
Never thought it'd be hard to sleep through a solid night, waking up to the sunrise.
And I know it hurts your eyes.
I only wish the sun would listen to me so i could come up with a compromise.
And i know the only stories you were told were all lies.
And i don't blame you for beginning to despise.
You were young and impressionable.
That was something you never should have gone through, and you know that that's unquestionable.
All you have to vent, is causing up trouble.
Now everyone thinks you're cool so they call you a rebel.

Inhale. Breathe. Let the air flow to your lungs.
Inhale. Breathe. Wait a little longer and it'll be done.

And i know it's tough for you when the objects catch your eye. When they're sitting on the shelf, sitting in the isle.
You walk around and contemplate.
Your actions for a while.
Only to give up in the end locking on like a missile.
As you walk out the door, you flash a fake smile.
Hoping the camera's in the store don't have your face on file.
But the stress on your chest just piles and piles.
Please excuse me for taking your ear but this is gonna take some time...


So this year i joined the school soccer team for the first time. We just had a tournament in Kamloops which is about 2 hours away from where i live but it's the first real exercise i've had all winter. And i'm really sore now! I could barely get out of bed this morning. But man, school teams are way more brutal than house league. They were really rough and really rude. oh well. guess i need to get in shape so i can have a good season.

Cutest Manga

So i just finished reading this really cute manga. Its a collection of stories but they all include the same shinigami. Well if you want to read a really cute romance manga, i do a really bad explanation so here's the link to the page.

tokio hotel, gustav schafer, gustav

Today i was looking at some stuff about Tokio Hotel and i started watching videos on youtube, only to realize that their drummer is drop dead gorgeous!! He is quite possibly the hottest drummer i've ever seen! And i play drums so i know a lot of drummers! Well anyway, here's a video about him. Music kinda sucks though :P