Secret Santa Christmas In July!

Hey everyone :D How are ya'll doing?? I know I need to post here more often... But anyway, that's not my point. So, you might have read the title... You might not. Anywho, yup! :D The awesome Aragorn1014 is hosting a Secret Santa Summer thing!

^.^ I was pretty excited when I saw her Christmas one so of course I'm totally participating in the summer one ;) Here's some info..

World: A SS X-mas in July!-2012
Your Lovely Hosts: Aragorn1014 and Ryuchu
List of Participants: Here
Rules: Here

Now that you have some info, here are the deadlines!

Registration Dates: May 12th - June 10th
Wishlist Posting Deadline: June 10th
When You'll Find Out Who You Are the Secret Santa For: June 16th - June 17th
Due Dates for Pictures: July 24 and July 25th [Lee-way will be given on this since it's the summer and we know people are busy; the absolute last day to post something and still be considered on time is August 1]

Please check it out and join if you guys have some free time ^^

Also, please note that this is a fan art only thing :3