World Review(clubs/role plays)

World Name: Element

Leader Name: Me! (tutcat)

Number of Members: 1

Summery: After animals began to develope powers,Towns cities,villages,prides,packs and clans formed. The wooden heart necklaces were given to one representitive of each surviving species. As time went by the hearts were stolen by the power hungry dogs who soon ruled over most other animals. Few creatures are free from the dogs evil wishes. Now the ancestors of the representitives must return peace to this land...

Personal Opinion: Very good. It took awhile to put together. (It was in progress for a whole year!) I think it could become a great RP if we start getting new members.

Number of Pages: 1

Based off of or Personal: personal

Interesting Notes: I find it interesting that their could be so many members and each member could still be of high importance to other members.

Recommend To: Anyone who likes animal RP's and someone who is looking for one that won't shut down quickly.

Age Ranking: Anyone,but all blood and gore is alowed so be prepared

Recommends to Make it Better: More members.