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Discussion: Legend of Korra

So, I've been wanting to start up a discussion on this for awhile ^^ And since yesterday concluded the first season, I figured this would be a good time to start :D I guess I'll give little topics to start off. PLEASE NOTE! THIS WILL CONTAI...

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Secret Santa Christmas In July!

Hey everyone :D How are ya'll doing?? I know I need to post here more often... But anyway, that's not my point. So, you might have read the title... You might not. Anywho, yup! :D The awesome Aragorn1014 is hosting a Secret Santa Summer thing!

^.^ I was pretty excited when I saw her Christmas one so of course I'm totally participating in the summer one ;) Here's some info..

World: A SS X-mas in July!-2012
Your Lovely Hosts: Aragorn1014 and Ryuchu
List of Participants: Here
Rules: Here

Now that you have some info, here are the deadlines!

Registration Dates: May 12th - June 10th
Wishlist Posting Deadline: June 10th
When You'll Find Out Who You Are the Secret Santa For: June 16th - June 17th
Due Dates for Pictures: July 24 and July 25th [Lee-way will be given on this since it's the summer and we know people are busy; the absolute last day to post something and still be considered on time is August 1]

Please check it out and join if you guys have some free time ^^

Also, please note that this is a fan art only thing :3

Living For the Day After Tomorrow

Anime Name: Living For the Day After Tomorrow Subbed, Dubbed, Both: Subbed Number of Episodes: 12 Age Scale: No age scale, pret...

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Things To Review

Haha, sorry. This is just for me to keep track of things that I've read/watched that I want to do reviews for... Anime -Legend of Zelda -Darker Than Black -Big Windup -Living For The Day After Tomorrow...

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La Corda D'Oro

Anime Name: La Corda D'Oro

Subbed, Dubbed, Both: Subbed

Number of Episodes: 26

Age Scale: 10+? I think I only caught a few swear words.

Summery: Every few years, the prestigious Seiso Academy holds a prominent musical competition, and only the very best students at the Academy are allowed to participate. Though all are eligible to apply, only students from the music department actually make it to the competition...until now. Hino Kahoko goes to this amazing school, though she is in the regular department and knows nearly nothing of music. That is until one day, when she meets a curious little creature who introduces himself as a music fairy by the name of Lili. This fairy gives the unwilling Kahoko a magical violin, which any one can play. That day, the names of the students who are to participate in the music competition are announced – and Kahoko's on the list! Suddenly Kahoko is thrown into a world of music, where every note counts, where she must strive to be perfect. And then there are the other competitors, a timid girl and five handsome, musical young men who are all effected by Kahoko's music in very different ways. One thing's for sure – Seiso Academy will never be the same.

Personal Opinion: Because of this anime, I know like classical music more :3 (CANON! OMG! X3 Best. Song. Ever. AND, it's the classic Bambi theme.) The plot I felt could have gone deeper, but I think it might have in the manga (Though I haven't gotten a chance to read it.) And a interesting point is Lily's End of Episode thing where he has random musical facts and such. I thought that was very unique. The voicing was wonderful for this as well! Especially Yuki's voice I thought he did a fantastic job with (SPOILER showing "both sides" of his personality. With him being the person everyone wanted to see, and then his.. Actual personality?.) And of course, back to the music. Really, it was very good. Another one of my favorites was Gavote x3 It was such a cute little song! I really wish I could find music for it in E♭ :D (E♭ is what key the Alto Saxophone is in=what I play.) I do have to admit, some parts were a bit lame and you could defiantly tell this was based off of a shoujo manga XD I guess the one thing I didn't like was the small spot that Shoko had :/ I mean, I really liked her! But it more or less was revolving around Hino and the other guys. It was sad really...

Ending: It was a fair ending I think. Again, I feel like this could have gone into a bit more detail and actually gone on a bit longer. Usually I'm fine with just the anime, but this makes me want to read the manga. I feel the manga might explain more, but it will lack the music....

All-In-All: It was a pretty good anime, the songs were great, it was a very relaxing anime versus the action animes I had been watching. If you ever need a breather, try and watch this :)

1-5 Scale: 3 1/2

Where You Can Watch: Here!

If you Liked, Then You'll Love: So, if you liked Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, I think you would like this.