eX-Driver Review

One more review just to close out

In the not to distant future, no one drives anymore, the concept of physical driving is obsolete as every other car is automated A.I, however the technology proves unreliable as the A.I frequently goes out of control leading to runaway cars. Enter the Ex-Drivers, a group of capable drivers who pilot famous sports cars in an attempt to stop runaway vehicles, our team consists of capable teens Lorna Endo, Lisa Sakakino and the even younger pre-teen Soichi Sugano.
The concept of this anime is fantastic and has now become more relevant as Google starts introducing driverless cars for general use so a story like this needs a comeback as this anime is a good 17 years old, sadly as this was created by Kosuke Fujishima it plays a little too safe like previous works Oh My Goddess and You're Under Arrest, but it does mean guaranteed maticulous accuracy in vehicle design such as the Caterham Super 7 and Lotus Europa along with the Lancia Stratos but this series does suffer by the fact that all three main characters would not pass a real life driving test due to age. I'm not saying this because I watched all the Fast and Furious movies, nor is it because Riding Bean is one of my top ten favorite anime, but the plot is equal to a big blockbuster movie and having kids do it reeks of 4Kids, (yes I know the irony of that statement with the film Baby Driver out in Cinema) not helped with a poorly acted dub and not being able to unhear Soichi's voice which is basically Digimon's Tai.
I hope the movie can at least repair some criticisms and the one off OVA Danger Zone at least gave an impression of a more comedic approach but overall, a great idea hidden by the creator's habit of playing too safe but at least he knows how to draw some beautiful cars.
Final Verdict: Great idea, and has the potential to come back but the cast needs to be older and a lot more action packed, it's not difficult to do and has been proven to work, so give it another go.