Earl and Fairy Review

2nd review and time to go back to Victorian England.

Lydia is no ordinary Doctor, she's a Fairy Doctor, one who can solve problems by interacting with the many creatures inhabiting the mythical realms of the United Kingdom. Think British Yokai Watch with all the class that comes with being British and it's jolly good setting.
Lydia's world is turned upside down when Edgar the Blue Knight Earl enters the frame, in search of a legendary sword that would grant him this title over the Fairy World, however he needs to prove that he is who he really is and Lydia is not really buying into this either but goes along with it as she's the only one who can solve the problems befalling Edgar.
This is a little easier to understand but the series can be an awkward romance cat and mouse game between Lydia and Edgar as they each trade verbal and emotional blows, Lydia starts off as being skeptical and outright rude to falling in love by the end while Edgar starts off being a suave jerk but later becomes a little too needy and harms his character development as a result, it also doesn't resolve itself by the end so the anime doesn't really have much to close with.
The story doesn't always make clear who is really the protagonist either as Paul seems to be more important in the last few episodes rather than Lydia and Edgar as he sort of takes Lydia's job when a Banshee enters the frame.
I do enjoy the setting and the designs are something I'd admire but I can't really invest myself in the story as it can't decide on the tone without doing the love tug-o-war between the protagonists.
No dub but being set in Britain it needed one.
Final Verdict: Likeable in design but not in story, needs alot of unraveling before you get to the really good stuff but I fear that's all in the manga.